30 Day Blog Challenge

  1. Basic Things About Yourself
  2. Something you look forward to in the next 12 months
  3. Your day in detail
  4. 25 things to do before your next birthday
  5. 3 things you like about your personality
  6. Someone who does not live in your country
  7. Siblings
  8. 5 things from your bucket list
  9. Your favourite things to do right now
  10. The weather
  11. Something unusual
  12. Someone you miss
  13. Someone you've always wanted to meet
  14. Relationship to food
  15. Something that excites you and fills you with joy
  16. Something that you regret not doing last year
  17. Someone who broke up your heart
  18. Someone you miss
  19. What's in your bag?
  20. 5 things you're passionate about
  21. Someone who inspires you
  22. One thing you've never done that most people have
  23. Most memorable vacation
  24. Goals for next month
  25. What made your day special
  26. Something you could never get tired of doing
  27. How you envision your life to be
  28. What do you want
  29. Family
  30. Daily routine

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