July 10, 2015

It's Just HOW We Look at Things

Hello :D
What's up readers? Salam Ramadhan too :D Today's the last day of lecture, which means holiday starts NOW! Ha. I am not excited as I used to be cos my studying mood has just arrived. I've been looking and searching for my mood and when I finally got it, cutilah pulak. Ni yang tak best!

Anyway, today is all about perspective. 

Have you guys ever been in a situation where you simply just want to cry and blame things around and start to murmur stuffs, feeling so 6-feet under the ground, simply just want to be away from the world?

Well, I do. I did. 

There's one evening, I went out with F. It was raining, and quite heavy so he drove pretty slow - and I was whoa-ing at all the views. You know, dark evening + tiny lighting from tall building. It's so amazing and just totally me. Felt like I was surrounded by millions of stars! Ngeh :D

So, yea.. We were talking bout so many stuffs and it gets juicer from 1 topic to another... Touching families, kampung, foods, places, malls, etc... When it comes to money, I felt like pouring out all to him. I was in the situation where everything needs money.

I've been holding onto it for so long. Bukan mengeluh but seems like each time big money come, banyak masalah timbul. Barang kena ganti, kena bayar, etc. I was so frustrated and started to question God why is it like that.

Cakap punya cakap... At the end he just said "Yalah. Dari sia kita nangga kuasaNya. Bila ada masalah jak, mesti ada solution... Maknanya Nya tolong". 

It actually means, that is actually the power of God, how He helps us. When there is problem, there is always solutions.

I was struck straight to the lung, bukan hati lagi. Hahahaha.. Rasa macam kena hempuk kat kepala! Paham tak PERSPECTIVE? 

Memang bila ada problem kan, we will obviously get upset, BUT at times we have to change on how we look at things. From the day onward, I started to fill myself with positivism cos that's what we always need. To get things positive, we must first be positive. Again, it's all about perspective. 

Sometimes I will ponder... Mcm God knows better kan? So the thing just simply rosak when the big money comes because He knows we are able to pay for it by then. Comparing to when the money is not even at our fingertips, memang susah la kan nak cari $$.

At the end of the day, negativity and positivism is from our soul. It's our choice! =)

Have a great day and stay positive ya!! xo