June 19, 2015

Gawai | Ramadhan

So; hey, everyone! What’s up? How’s thing in life these days? As for me, nothing much. Just started new semester in Uni and I seem to lost my studying spirit. Oh, where have thou been?! So anyways, Ramadhan is back and I’m here typing about Gawai. Not too late I guess; baru jak 19 days yang lepas so umm, no big deal lah kan?? Ahahaha..

Anyway, Gawai was... OK I guess? Nothing much, just more on visiting. No I did not went back to kampong cos I particularly doesn’t fancy kampong during festive seasons. Note that kampong has been auto-corrected and I’m lazy to change it back so yeah, let’s get back to the story (haha). As mentioned, Gawai was OK and I was still here stuck in the busy city. Why I don’t fancy kampong on festive seasons cos I dislike drunkards. Who likes, anyway? It’s the tradition already to get drunk on 31st of May till 1st of June; countdown I can say and yeah… me no likey.

After all, what is there in kampong when grandma is not here anymore? Ouh, I miss grandma! T_T

So umm yeap, I was in the busy city but eventually managed to escape and brought myself back to nature, though :P 

Jabatan gantungg, yea bahh!! *pusing kepala*

2nd day of Gawai I went to a friend’s kampong where they have a river, clear river, and cold too. I spend most of my time soaking myself in the water instead of visiting houses because that was my main intention. Mandi sungai lah! :P 

It was fun and cooling + chilling since it has been a while since I mandi sungai. Lagipun, no sungai here in the city. Ada pun, sungai kopi susu with boyak. Kau berani ke nak dive in? mihmihmih!

So as I said, Gawai was okay :P so there goes my short Gawai story for the year 2015 =)

Last but not least, Ramadhan is back! Ya, i know dah masuk 2nd day but ahh, whatevs. Hahaha.. Therefore, I, Vanessa (aiseyman), would like to wish all Muslim a joyous and blessed Ramadhan! Puasa penuh, okay? Best wishes and may Ramadhan brings you peace, joy and love.

Much love,


  1. hii are u doing?been a while since we last talked.happy blogging again.

  2. selamat ari gawai kaban!!...lamak ndai jenguk blog d..hehe..