June 06, 2015

Friends, o yeah?

Hi =)

Lain manusia, lain ragam; that's what we usually hear because yes! There are so many kinds of people, even 1 person can have many personalities. Kejap Dr. Jekyl, kejap Mr. Hyde. Either way, as long as we live we will have to face so many people with different attitudes, personalities, et cetera...

As I sink myself in my own world, reflecting the past, imagining the future, I remembered something a lecturer of mine tend to say in her class. 

"Avoid toxic friends".

Toxic friends, it comes with loads of definition; depends on how you would define it. At first, I agreed. These people have to be avoided because they can poison you and drag you into something bad. However, guess what? Logic and common sense hit me up.

When you think about it, do we really have to avoid "bad" people? I mean, at times it's not necessary - in my opinion. If you ask me why, I only have one answer.

It all starts with ourselves.

Ex classmates. So many not-ready-faces. Hahaha.
Definitely true because we are living on our own, we are not standing on anyone's feet but ourselves so why let people decide how we should live? That is why we have this thing called "self-control" because at the end of the day, it's just you and yourself. No matter how people drag you, if you can control yourself, no big deal ~

No doubt, people can influence us but back to what I've mentioned, it starts with ourselves. We tend to avoid those people to avoid bad influence, but why can't we stick to them, and be a positive influence? =)

Just something to ponder.. Because people these days tend to say "pengaruh rakan sebaya", okay, I don't deny but again I say, semuanya bermula dari diri sendiri. You see, even kita sendiri ada yang positive and negative. Jangan terlalu buta sehingga hanya mampu melihat yang negatif =)

Have a great day ahead! 



  1. could not agree more with you =)

  2. from my point of view friends are like drugs.they have medically value to treat ur disease and side effects that harm ur body.u have to take them accordingly.