May 22, 2015

Happy Teacher's Day!!

Ummm.. Belated teacher's day to be exact! Remember last year I posted an entry about my last day in KTC? Well now I am back here with my kids. Just for a short while, cos Im currently in my semester break Once again, I had the chance to celebrate teacher's day. It's never easy to become a teacher, especially kindergarten.

Give me a teacher with degree, come and teach a person who doesn't even know which is A or B, it will never work. And where do these people learn all these? Everything starts in kindergarten. I dont mean to say teachers with degree are useless or what, but never ever look down on kindy teachers. Be one of them, you will get me.

Can I be a teacher forever? Im so flattered by the gifts. Hahahahaha.. God is good!! ;)


  1. the cupcakes is so comel lah... cikgu nak satu!! ;D

  2. cupcakes? cantiknya! you're one of the lucky teacher on earth!

  3. the cupcakes look definitely so yummmehh :p

  4. Best eh. Mok cupcake. Cute na. Sik kempang nak makan.

  5. best nya dpt gift cantik camtu..