March 11, 2015


Hello there, my darls!!

It's my first post for 2015, hence I'd like to wish everyone happy new year! Still not too late, it's not even half of the year yet.. :P Anyways, it's been a while, like seriously a while since I last let my fingers run on the keyboard here in blogger.

Dang. How I missed everyone and everything! 

Time is totally limited for myself to sit back and type out. Ini pun curi-curi gitu. It's 5 in the morning, and I just finished my slides for presentation tomorrow, or later to be exact. That explains why I am still up and yea, greeting you guys... ;)

Life has been good, with not much ups or downs... Mendatar je life tahun ni. Hahaha. Entahlah! But yeah, more on positive things - all praise to God. Busy busy life as student. Herk! Last sem break tu ada but I did not spend my time here on blog cos our internet has been cut off due to pencurian cable. Itu sangat annoying... Bukan blog je berhabuk, dengan laptop sekali. Hahahaha..

Anyways, not sure what else to say out here cos I'm a little bit lost. Seakan-akan lupa cara blogging. Gahahaha.. Itu macam pun boleh ka? Oh kenak nya sik... ;) 

Finals is within 2 weeks and I've 4 assignments to be submitted within this week. My Gucci. Stress! I can't wait for finals and sleep the entire day!! LOL. Sekarang ni standard la tidur 2 3 jam sehari. Nyehhh... So, till we meet again! Miss u guys!! 

Biar rambut ku tersenyum... Hahaha. Latest shot, in case you forgot how I look :P 
Sengaja bagi gambar tecik. Sila bulatkan mata anda!
PISYO! (peace yaw) hahaha. kbai!