September 08, 2015

manusia vs MANUSIA

Salam ceria and good morning =) 

Today memang awal sampai campus because I just want to be early. Class is at 10am, but now dah tercegat di menara gading ini. Terfikir sejenak, jauh lagi perjalanan... Duduk di luar, memerhati manusia lalu lalang. Ada yang dah terketar lutut because it's 8am but masih lagi dalam perjalanan menuju puncak, gemilang cahaya.. Kbai.

Dalam memerhati makhluk indah ciptaan Yang Maha Esa ni, tercetuslah sebuah inspirasi for this entry... Manusia ni kan, memang bersebab dilahirkan dan dijadikan berbeza dengan satu sama lain. Ada yang pendiam, ada yang kecoh... Ada yang size nya kecik molek, ada yang besar gedebak, ada yang ditengah... Ada pemalu, ada kurang pemalu #mcmsaya . 

Well, simply because kita semua ni born to complement each other. I complete you, you complete me. Takda yang lebih dari sesiapa, takda yang kurang dari sesiapa. Bayangkan dunia ni semuanya pemalu. Kan sunyi sepi... Bayangkan jugak kalau semua kecoh. :O Umpama badan, kalau semua dah jadi kepala, siapa yang nak jalankan badan ni? Kalau dah terapung tu makhluk lain dah =/

So basically, what I'm trying to say is be yourself, love yourself and the people around. Kita dijadikan ada kelebihan dan kelemahan pun bersebab. I would say sebab utamanya ialah untuk jadikan orang lain cermin kita. Kita lihat kelemahan orang lain, bagitau diri sendiri jangan jadi macam tu... Bila lihat kelebihan orang, try to be better tapi jangan lupa, you are great as well. Kelemahan orang jangan di condemn or bash sangat, because we are all imperfect. Tipulah kalau cakap orang tu takda kelebihan jugak. Hmm.. Gitulah kisahnya.

Appreciate yourself, love yourself. Jangan terlalu memandang tinggi kat orang sampai rasa rendah diri because remember, we are all equal. Jangan pulak terlalu nak jadi orang lain sampai kelebihan diri sendiri pun tak nampak... Please, just be yourself. 

Dalam dunia ni tak perlu bertanding siapa lebih hebat because we are all great (ulang lagi). We complement each other so why not and why can't we blossom together? Bangunlah sama-sama. Kalau nak sangat bertanding siapa hebat, bertandinglah dengan siapa anda sebelum ini. Be better than before, that's the thing =)
Let's be the flower. Di tanah yang sama kita disemai, dibaja, diberi apa yang diperlukan and simply grow together. Bertumbuh bersama, menyerlah bersama, tapi ingat; jadilah diri sendiri =)

August 28, 2015


Hi :D

I'm not sure if you have ever heard of this #travellingberuang but Im sure those yang selalu tengok TV memang taulah benda ni. Tak tau sekalipun, ada la familiar sikit kan... So bagi yang tak tau, meh saya citer...

#travellingberuang is actually an awareness campaign towards cancer and to raise funds for Malaysian kids diagnosed with cancer. Macam insan yang lain, pesakit cancer ni pun sebenarnya nak jugak merasa dunia luar, travel sana sini kan... So dalam campaign ni, there is one bear yang mewakili kanak-kanak tersebut untuk travel... Sweet kn? Bagi saya memang sweet x)

It breaks my heart to see anyone diagnosed with this deadliest disease because cancer is nothing fun and not easily cured. So many check ups, operations, therapy and all but at the end of the day, harapan nak sihat walafiat pun tipis. Im not pulling anyone down, but Im just saying. My momma fought cancer, and I've seen it.

I know how hard it is to lost few abilities, so here I am to send my love and support!! =)
Okay, hi. That's me and my very own bebear. Sebenarnya banyak cara nak support selain beli #travellingberuang which is by uploading photos of yourself with a bear and hashtag travellingberuang.

Well, maaflah yer ~ my bebear ni sebenarnya tak pernah jalan-jalan ke luar pun because seriously, how am I supposed to bring this fellow out? Beberapa cm je rendah dari saya. Hahahaa.. Tak kah naya nanti orang ingat giler ke bawa bear ni jalan... Hahaha. But seriously, one day I will take him out for you guys okay?

Tapi okay gaklah bebear ni because pernah experience uni life... Buat assignment tengah malam, jadi tempat melepas geram bila so many things happen and so on... Hehe. So adik-adik kesayangan sekalian kiranya merasa lah jugak uni life ni... Meow ~~ 

So come on guys, tak susah mana pun nak support campaign ni. You can purchase the bear itself or take yours out. But if beli bear tu, duit tu jadi donation terus =) I'm going to get one soon and memandangkan cuti semester pun dah dekat, so by His will, I'll take bebear out around Kuching, Sarawak, k. Ni ja mampu setakat ni... Belum dapat sampai Paris :P

My pesanan to all adik-adik kesayangan; please stay strong and fight the pain okay? By His will, semuanya dipermudahkan... Bila rasa nak give up tu, imagine terus tempat yang nak dituju okay biar semangat disuntik =) My heart and prayers goes to all of you. Sayang semua adik-adik sekalian <3



Aduhai. Tidak kesampaian hasrat nak type entry pasal Syawal yang lepas.. Dah berlalu jauh sangat, but that was the best Syawal so far... Haha. Takpa, nanti esok lusa kita duk hadap lappy la nohh.. Kbai.

Sekarang ni memang musim jerebu lah kan? Tokojut eden. Bangun je tengok "embun" like whoah, tebalnya. Dah pukul 12 pun masih berembun. Embun lah sangat... 

View from the 5th floor of my uni. Ni sebenarnya dah better comparing to the day before because memang teruk bebeno lah jerebu the day before. Dahla dekat dengan construction site. Mehh.

Awalnya memang macam awkward lah sikit why jerebu tetiba je ni? Then baru sedar, dah bulan 8 masuk bulan 9 dah ni... Memang musim orang nak tanam padi dah.

So basically the polluted air was transferred dari negara jiran, Indonesia. Not sure other places but really, harap-harap jerebu ni tak berlarutan because memang tak bestlah bila jerebu. Buka tingkap ja dah whoah, menusuk buah pinggang bau asap. tak syok ler dating. Kbai.

By the way, tempat korang semua amacam? Dengar macam se-Malaysia dah jerebu tapi ada gak yang cakap Sarawak ja yang kena. Yoh, namo nyok ahh...  Ok, bah. Sekian ja melaporkan jerebu di kawasan kami... ^^,

July 10, 2015

It's Just HOW We Look at Things

Hello :D
What's up readers? Salam Ramadhan too :D Today's the last day of lecture, which means holiday starts NOW! Ha. I am not excited as I used to be cos my studying mood has just arrived. I've been looking and searching for my mood and when I finally got it, cutilah pulak. Ni yang tak best!

Anyway, today is all about perspective. 

Have you guys ever been in a situation where you simply just want to cry and blame things around and start to murmur stuffs, feeling so 6-feet under the ground, simply just want to be away from the world?

Well, I do. I did. 

There's one evening, I went out with F. It was raining, and quite heavy so he drove pretty slow - and I was whoa-ing at all the views. You know, dark evening + tiny lighting from tall building. It's so amazing and just totally me. Felt like I was surrounded by millions of stars! Ngeh :D

So, yea.. We were talking bout so many stuffs and it gets juicer from 1 topic to another... Touching families, kampung, foods, places, malls, etc... When it comes to money, I felt like pouring out all to him. I was in the situation where everything needs money.

I've been holding onto it for so long. Bukan mengeluh but seems like each time big money come, banyak masalah timbul. Barang kena ganti, kena bayar, etc. I was so frustrated and started to question God why is it like that.

Cakap punya cakap... At the end he just said "Yalah. Dari sia kita nangga kuasaNya. Bila ada masalah jak, mesti ada solution... Maknanya Nya tolong". 

It actually means, that is actually the power of God, how He helps us. When there is problem, there is always solutions.

I was struck straight to the lung, bukan hati lagi. Hahahaha.. Rasa macam kena hempuk kat kepala! Paham tak PERSPECTIVE? 

Memang bila ada problem kan, we will obviously get upset, BUT at times we have to change on how we look at things. From the day onward, I started to fill myself with positivism cos that's what we always need. To get things positive, we must first be positive. Again, it's all about perspective. 

Sometimes I will ponder... Mcm God knows better kan? So the thing just simply rosak when the big money comes because He knows we are able to pay for it by then. Comparing to when the money is not even at our fingertips, memang susah la kan nak cari $$.

At the end of the day, negativity and positivism is from our soul. It's our choice! =)

Have a great day and stay positive ya!! xo

June 21, 2015


Hello, hi :D

Before I proceed with the actual entry, I'd like to wish semua bapa di luar sana; Happy Father's Day!! Thank you for all the supports, love, care, and everything else =)

Dedicated specially for my own dad and of course, all the dads I know around here in blog; Abg ErazUncle Lie, Abg Ben, umm.. Sapa lagi aa? Banyak gak la sebenarnya.

*follow dalam diam* hahaha..

Anyway, have a great father's day and may the Lord's blessing be upon each of u :D

So, back to the original topic,

WEDDINGS. Ah, what's with weddings?

Pic courtesy -

This picture is so wonderful. I love this color <3
So you see, sometimes I thought I'm still young because who wants to grow up, actually? Yea, I do believe we all actually want to stay a baby. Nothing much to worry cuma cabaran nya is we can't talk! Semua nak kena nangis dulu baru orang paham. Kan?

But it's something we have to face, though. We are growing old each day. And I have to admit that I am OLD because everyone around me is getting married. Or, married!! You know lah kan, different age different surroundings.

Masa kecik, surrounded by those yang main main bawah rumah lah, main masak-masak, bertikam pakai batu, tolak orang masuk sungai, lompat-lompat atas katil because it was us. Now, di sekelilingi yang dah nak kawen, or dah kawen.

I left my blog hanging on the peak of mountain without any guides for a year, and when I came back, whoah! Brides everywhere! Some of them even dah sambut 1st wedding anniversary and I am still clueless about it. Bahahahaaha... Even schoolmates are getting married!

So I really have to brace myself. Now I'll be going in and out of stores to get wedding gifts, and even baby gifts. How time flies kan? Rasa masih muda tapi bila tengok sekeliling --- Eh? Hmm.. Saya bila lagi? Jangan tanya lah!

** Dulu ke hulu hilir sambut birthday kawan, sekarang ke sana sini pergi wedding kawan. Next time? Hulu hilir gak pergi funeral... Itulah kenyataan kehidupan ini. Yang datang pasti pergi. Apa pun, congratulations to all yang dah kawen and bakal kawen. My prayers is semoga rumah tangga diberkati Yang Maha Esa dan semoga berbahagia bukan setakat anak cucu, semoga ke Jannah jugak!! =)

Salam sayang,

#selamatberbukapuasa #inadvance =)

June 20, 2015

Lampu Suluh :P

I got all I need when I got you and I
I look around me and see a sweet life
I'm stuck in the dark but you're my flashlight
Getting me through the night

Flashlight by Jessie Jay

I might not say it straight to your face but thank you sudi bawak keluar makan banana cheese walaupun agak terkejut when I was still hungry even after a plate of nasi goreng daging :P 

Just a little #throwback

June 19, 2015

Gawai | Ramadhan

So; hey, everyone! What’s up? How’s thing in life these days? As for me, nothing much. Just started new semester in Uni and I seem to lost my studying spirit. Oh, where have thou been?! So anyways, Ramadhan is back and I’m here typing about Gawai. Not too late I guess; baru jak 19 days yang lepas so umm, no big deal lah kan?? Ahahaha..

Anyway, Gawai was... OK I guess? Nothing much, just more on visiting. No I did not went back to kampong cos I particularly doesn’t fancy kampong during festive seasons. Note that kampong has been auto-corrected and I’m lazy to change it back so yeah, let’s get back to the story (haha). As mentioned, Gawai was OK and I was still here stuck in the busy city. Why I don’t fancy kampong on festive seasons cos I dislike drunkards. Who likes, anyway? It’s the tradition already to get drunk on 31st of May till 1st of June; countdown I can say and yeah… me no likey.

After all, what is there in kampong when grandma is not here anymore? Ouh, I miss grandma! T_T

So umm yeap, I was in the busy city but eventually managed to escape and brought myself back to nature, though :P 

Jabatan gantungg, yea bahh!! *pusing kepala*

2nd day of Gawai I went to a friend’s kampong where they have a river, clear river, and cold too. I spend most of my time soaking myself in the water instead of visiting houses because that was my main intention. Mandi sungai lah! :P 

It was fun and cooling + chilling since it has been a while since I mandi sungai. Lagipun, no sungai here in the city. Ada pun, sungai kopi susu with boyak. Kau berani ke nak dive in? mihmihmih!

So as I said, Gawai was okay :P so there goes my short Gawai story for the year 2015 =)

Last but not least, Ramadhan is back! Ya, i know dah masuk 2nd day but ahh, whatevs. Hahaha.. Therefore, I, Vanessa (aiseyman), would like to wish all Muslim a joyous and blessed Ramadhan! Puasa penuh, okay? Best wishes and may Ramadhan brings you peace, joy and love.

Much love,

June 06, 2015

Friends, o yeah?

Hi =)

Lain manusia, lain ragam; that's what we usually hear because yes! There are so many kinds of people, even 1 person can have many personalities. Kejap Dr. Jekyl, kejap Mr. Hyde. Either way, as long as we live we will have to face so many people with different attitudes, personalities, et cetera...

As I sink myself in my own world, reflecting the past, imagining the future, I remembered something a lecturer of mine tend to say in her class. 

"Avoid toxic friends".

Toxic friends, it comes with loads of definition; depends on how you would define it. At first, I agreed. These people have to be avoided because they can poison you and drag you into something bad. However, guess what? Logic and common sense hit me up.

When you think about it, do we really have to avoid "bad" people? I mean, at times it's not necessary - in my opinion. If you ask me why, I only have one answer.

It all starts with ourselves.

Ex classmates. So many not-ready-faces. Hahaha.
Definitely true because we are living on our own, we are not standing on anyone's feet but ourselves so why let people decide how we should live? That is why we have this thing called "self-control" because at the end of the day, it's just you and yourself. No matter how people drag you, if you can control yourself, no big deal ~

No doubt, people can influence us but back to what I've mentioned, it starts with ourselves. We tend to avoid those people to avoid bad influence, but why can't we stick to them, and be a positive influence? =)

Just something to ponder.. Because people these days tend to say "pengaruh rakan sebaya", okay, I don't deny but again I say, semuanya bermula dari diri sendiri. You see, even kita sendiri ada yang positive and negative. Jangan terlalu buta sehingga hanya mampu melihat yang negatif =)

Have a great day ahead! 


June 03, 2015

Hello, Teddy Bear!

Hello, hi!

It's a dream come true, really; when you get something you've always wanted! :D 

In my whole life, I'm always crazy over huge teddy bears. When I was young, I liked the small bears cos they are obviously smaller than I am, back then. However, now, as a  grown up lady; mesti nak teddy bear besar!! Hahaha. 130cm bears are always my target, cos I myself is 154cm.

It's always good to hug huge bears, especially in bed. Jadi sofa terus, wa cakap! Each year passed by, birthday per birthday, I did not receive any teddy bears as I've always wished. How sad! I wanted to buy for myself, but you know; harga seekor cukup makan sebulan!!!

Then, in 2015 I finally received one! (Tak payah suspen pun, memang dapat agak dah kan ahaha)

Thanks to this fellow who at first had no idea what to give for my birthday. He was like "bears are such a typical gift" but end up what I wanted the most is HUGE bebear. Gahahahaha...

SEKALI SEKALA jadi dak tecik, okay gak la! Hahahaha.

March 3, 2015; this darling of mine masuk dalam hidup aku. Ecewahh :P Lambat sikit dari official date usia naik 1 tangga, tapi takpa; yang penting kini kau dalam dakapan ku. Mihmihmih xD *sengih siput sedut*

Tempat ku bersandar, bermadah, merapu, peluk hug kiss, semua sekali lah. Senang cerita, aku sayang budak ni. Hahahaha.. Besar macam tuan sendiri, pipi paauuuu gitu :P

All in all, terima kasih kepada yang memberi. Sayang kau! Tapi aku sayang lagi bebear nihh xD 

May 22, 2015

Happy Teacher's Day!!

Ummm.. Belated teacher's day to be exact! Remember last year I posted an entry about my last day in KTC? Well now I am back here with my kids. Just for a short while, cos Im currently in my semester break Once again, I had the chance to celebrate teacher's day. It's never easy to become a teacher, especially kindergarten.

Give me a teacher with degree, come and teach a person who doesn't even know which is A or B, it will never work. And where do these people learn all these? Everything starts in kindergarten. I dont mean to say teachers with degree are useless or what, but never ever look down on kindy teachers. Be one of them, you will get me.

Can I be a teacher forever? Im so flattered by the gifts. Hahahahaha.. God is good!! ;)

March 11, 2015


Hello there, my darls!!

It's my first post for 2015, hence I'd like to wish everyone happy new year! Still not too late, it's not even half of the year yet.. :P Anyways, it's been a while, like seriously a while since I last let my fingers run on the keyboard here in blogger.

Dang. How I missed everyone and everything! 

Time is totally limited for myself to sit back and type out. Ini pun curi-curi gitu. It's 5 in the morning, and I just finished my slides for presentation tomorrow, or later to be exact. That explains why I am still up and yea, greeting you guys... ;)

Life has been good, with not much ups or downs... Mendatar je life tahun ni. Hahaha. Entahlah! But yeah, more on positive things - all praise to God. Busy busy life as student. Herk! Last sem break tu ada but I did not spend my time here on blog cos our internet has been cut off due to pencurian cable. Itu sangat annoying... Bukan blog je berhabuk, dengan laptop sekali. Hahahaha..

Anyways, not sure what else to say out here cos I'm a little bit lost. Seakan-akan lupa cara blogging. Gahahaha.. Itu macam pun boleh ka? Oh kenak nya sik... ;) 

Finals is within 2 weeks and I've 4 assignments to be submitted within this week. My Gucci. Stress! I can't wait for finals and sleep the entire day!! LOL. Sekarang ni standard la tidur 2 3 jam sehari. Nyehhh... So, till we meet again! Miss u guys!! 

Biar rambut ku tersenyum... Hahaha. Latest shot, in case you forgot how I look :P 
Sengaja bagi gambar tecik. Sila bulatkan mata anda!
PISYO! (peace yaw) hahaha. kbai!