October 08, 2014

All About The MASCOT; not bass . not treble .

Hello, everyone! What’s up?? Hope everything is fine with you guys! :)

Today, it’s been 4 months since I left Krista TC and frankly speaking, working in KTC was a blast! One of the best experiences I had in life. Dealing with kids, it isn't easy. The only problem is they are not your kids! Hahaha. I have to bear in mind that they are human, kids but not mine.

Well, I don’t mean to say I wanted to smack them or what as if I will do to my own kids but really, sometimes they can pull you to the end. It’s like volcano waiting for its time to explode, but it simply can’t. Basically, few months over there exposed me to many things. Not only had I dealt with them, but also their parents. And at times you would say “it’s easier to speak to their kids than themselves”. Hahaha!

Besides the vomiting, there’s one thing that I will remember always and it’s none but being in a mascot. 

Yes, a bunny mascot! We were celebrating Chinese New Year and they had the mascots welcoming the kids at the main gate on all 3 centres. Well, volunteered myself to be in there and no regrets! Hahaha. It was fun!

Being in mascot is all about happiness, joy, fun and laughter. No tears, no sorrows, no sadness because… Have you ever seen a sad mascot?? Definitely no, right?! Yes, that is why mascot is all the bass, not treble :P The reason why I said that is because no matter how deep the sorrow a person has to hold, when they get into the mascot, it’s really all about happiness. The sorrowed face seems covered by the mascot
Oh, look at that chubb chubb face with sweats. It may not be visible, but really, it was blazing hot in there! And dark, too. All you could do is breathe, wave and some actions with limited air coming in and limited lights seen. However, once you pull out the head, oh my bunny, heaven! The air, the light, just so wow, welcome back to the world. You know that feeling?? Haha…

So, my point here is treasure those people around who makes you smile and laugh because seriously, you never know how big and hard the pain a person has to go through or is going through but stood there next to you and put a smile on your face. You know what I’m saying or not? Another main point here is, no matter how dark your path is, be sure and reminded that the light is ahead of you. Just keep walking!

Hope to write more after this. Have a great night, everyone! 

Vee L.R

P/S: chubb chubb = chubby chubby. Word #incikF ahahaa :P