September 22, 2014

Smile. Pray. Love.

Hi, hello..

Someone is back after a while! Like seriously a while.  I missed everyone and everything here. Totally out of time to actually sit and whazzap everyone. 

It has been a very hectic week with all assignments awaiting to be submitted. Well, as a uni student nothing actually could make us busy besides assignments, right.. Hmm. 

And the assignments are actually the source of the quote 'smile, pray, love'. People can be very mean at times, I must say. They dislike you for very irrational reasons, speak behind your back, mock you in social sites then come to you as if nothing happens. Hahaa.. Lawaknya manusia. But well, smile, pray and love. Kan? Aman lagi. The rest, let God handle. Mhmm..

There you go. Latest shot of myself in case you miss me. Hahaa. Final exam starts this Friday. Truly sorry for all mistakes done, wish me all the best!! :) I will definitely come back after the finals ;) God bless.