June 21, 2014

You love ALL of ME?

Hi, people. Greetings in the love of God!! :)

Cause all of me, loves all of you..

Half of me is CLOSE to perfect, and the other half is not. :P
I'm just a normal human being, with perfections and imperfections. No, wait. Just close to perfect cos no one is even perfect in the world. So, really, you love all of me? I don't think so!! Unless you are God, then I'd believe that ;)

Human can say they love your imperfections, but do they? Dalam hati pasti ada rasa sedikit menyampah, kot? But to God, it's different. He looks at us differently, because we are made with His own hands. Our imperfections are even made by him because we can't be TOO perfect.

So fellas, whatever brings you down, remember; Your Creator loves you with all His heart, and He REALLY LOVES ALL OF YOU! :) 

BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN DO SILLY THINGS AND TELL PEOPLE "I'M NOT PERFECT, SO?" Yeap, you're not. But GOD gave you brain to think!! :P Good day!!


P/S: Seminggu sekali blogging :( I miss typing out tons of entries per day T_T


  1. yes,,,,, cause HE knows whats best .......

  2. suka entri Vee..positif2..thanks wishing me Gawai dalam entri lepas..dalam basa iban lg..haha..agi idup agi ngelaban..:D

  3. born to be real,not to be perfect..gud luck v