June 08, 2014

Smile; and have FAITH.

Hey, ho! Greetings in the love of God :)

Band aid; my best buddy throughout orientation/MDS. 6 blisters all together on my feet after moving up and down, in and out with flats from sunrise to sunset! Only the ladies who have worn flat shoes for a long time knows how it hurts. Haha! Thank God for the plasters!!

And you know, it's like our life too. This is how I see my blisters. Through our life, there must be some moment where we will get hurt and usually it takes time to heal, but you know what; life goes on! Don't give in to the pain but find a way to heal or at least slow down the pain as long as you keep on moving.

Just keep walking, keep climbing, never lose hope! Usually the best thing happens after heavy storms, so don't stop the journey. Just smile and have faith :)

#MDSUiTMSarawak2014 #UiTMDiHatiku

Have a great Sunday!

Love and peace,


  1. in life, we experienced many sadness n failure..
    life knocked us down many times.
    one thing for sure..get back up, dont give up and when u down, always get up :)

  2. yeah vee. keep on walking... ^_^

  3. sebab ya kmk alergik pake kasut.. huhu. kalau boleh nak kmk elak bena2 pake kasut..

    all the best and good luck Vee! :D