June 02, 2014

RM 13 JE KOT!!!

HELLO, earthlings!! :)

Yesterday I went to India Street, Kuching and bought some Baju Kurung. I bought 2 pairs and they cost RM50 each. Yep, I consider it cheap for a Baju Kurung. Material pun okay, you know kain jenis berat. Entah apa nama. Haha!
The 2 that has captured my heart. Amboi :P RM50 each, from 2 different stores. The left one is from Nizamir Textiles Sdn. Bhd and another one from Al-Faz Marketing. Both operated by Muslim-Pakistan. Or, Bangladesh? I'm not sure. Rupa macam orang sana. Hidung mancung semacam ;D And for some reason, yang sebelah kiri membuat diriku rasa macam Corporate Lady. Hahaha.

Then today I went to Boulevard Shopping Mall, Kuching to hunt for some clothes and stuffs. Masuk-masuk je, terus tengok a number of Baju Kurung(s) on sale, and 70% discount was offered. Cari punya cari, terjumpa 1 baju kurung PINK and the price is RM45. Tanya promoter, how much would it cost lepas discount.

Dang! RM13 je kottt!! I should have come here yesterday instead of going all the way to India Street and ended up buying some RM50 baju kurung. Hampehhh.. It's just for my class kot, so tak perlu mahal-mahal kan. Hahaha.

After all this RM13 baju kurung is not that bad! It's pink and the design is gorgeous + the fantastic patterns. The skirt is flowy macam yang di bawah.
Google's Image

Had to use this picture because I didn't snap the skirt. But yeap, gorgeous! Terasa macam pengantin. Eh? Hahaha. And besides that, the inner shirt inside is cool, unlike the ones I've came across before. Before ni banyak inner singlet, but this one it's long sleeve and even covered up my wrists ;)
It covered up but getah-less. Hahaha. Ada word gitu?? Ada, baru je cipta :P Masih boleh move up and down, but that's okay, as long as it protects me from the sun; even a bit. Hahahaha.. :P

And here's the not-so-full-look;

Sorry it's x-large'd. Hahahaha.. Ayu tak iolss?? :P :P :P 

Gila kot. Hahaha.. But RM13 for this kind of Baju Kurung is definitely sangat murah!! To me. Haha. I don't really shop for Baju Kurung(s) so I don't get the murah/mahal price but RM13 for this is okaylah kan, pakar-pakar Baju Kurung?? XD


  1. ok serius murah!!!
    ok la tu nak pakai time pergi kolej...adoii stok baju kurung dah takde nie hurmmm

  2. blogwalking here :3
    subhanallah , cantiknya baju tu . macam-macam lace lagi ada . murah sangat tuh! paling tak tahan kaler soft pink :3 ayu , ayu xD

  3. Murah sangat baju kurung RM13. Even RM50 pun kira murah. Sekarang ni, susah nak cari baju kurung yang murah macam ni

  4. wow..murah tapi cantik apa salahnya kan..menang membeli, menang memakai.. :p

  5. hoih kat sini pattern dan design mcm tu mmg tak kan jmpa lah RM13.. kejap je dah kena sapu licin..:p

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  7. like seriouly rm13 jak? biar benaaaa.. kacak gik ya. hehe