June 04, 2014

Menuju Puncakk! HOYEAH!

Hello, earthlings! I can't believe it's the 4th of June already. How time flies! In a few hours time, I will be out and won't be home until the following week. Yes, uni life starts - officially tomorrow.

There you go. A part of me is excited to start a life as a student again but a part of me is not because I had to stay in hostel for 1 semester. Hah. That's hard. I'm going to miss home, definitely! Yea, I know I can come back home during the weekends but it's definitely not the same. Sobs..

I am sure I'm going to miss everything here, especially those who lives in this house; abang, kakak & mummy and daddy. Ala :( Not to forget the kitties too! Hmm. But actually, 1 song has boosted up my spirit, and it's Menuju Puncak by Juwita Suwito. It's the theme song of Akademi Fantasia, and lyrics tu yang naikkan semangat sebenarnya :P

" Bukan mudah menyusun tangga ke angkasa. Bukan mudah mengubah mimpi jadi realiti. Apa pun jua bisa terbukti andai langkahmu tidak terhentiiii " 

Terus rasa sangat determined! Terbayang wajah parents, terbayang masa depan, terbayang semuanya. Immediately rasa diri ini berguna. Hahaha. Apakah? I mean, this is for the sake of my own future too, right? And of course, parents are my priority! ;) They are actually the source of my strength. Hiahaha..

Whatever that's ahead of me, I can't stop walking and I can't make silly feelings take over my life. Life goes on. Weetwiew!
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Good night, fellas. Have a good rest! See you guys again when I see you. Kekeke..

Love, peace and blessings,
Vee LR


  1. all the best vanessa. percaya pada diri, dengan harapan dan keyakinaaaaaan -tumpang nyanyi-

  2. happy study sis vee!! wish you all the best..:)

  3. all da best utk vee ya...bljr rajin2...