June 25, 2014

Let it go, let it goo..

Hi, everyone.. pertama kali menaip di bloggeroid. Ada sedikit kesakaian di situ.. hahaa.. ini hali wa santai ja la..

Let it go, let it goo.. cant hold it back anymore.. familiar with this? Yep, Frozen the movie. Banyak yang tanya saya, what is so good about Frozen, sampai minat sangat.. Well, I am not obsessed with Frozen but frankly speaking, this is my favourite disney movie.

I learnt a lot, especially bab love. Dalam movies yang saya selalu tonton, it is always about BGR when it comes to LOVE. Yea, boy-girl-relationship. You know typical ending, prince selamatkan princess.. but this time round, it is so different.

Bagi yang dah tengok, mesti faham apa yang aku cakap. The ending of this movie is the power of love between two sisters. At first I thought lelaki itu yang akan menyembuhkan penyakit yg hanya mampu diubati dengan TRUE LOVE, but I was wrong.

Quite surprised too! It opened my eyes and showed me that nothing can beat a family love. No matter how many friends you have, how cute your partner are, family love is the best love.

Fellas, when you feel unloved, remember your family and your Creator. They love you more than anything, anyone ;))


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  1. eh pkai android pun ok vee. not bad hasilnya

  2. U should watch Maleficient too. .kinda similar message

  3. Agree! Kasih sayang family dan tuhan tiada tandingan! :D

  4. alamak...kartun la..xmnt sgt..nk tgk transformers!

  5. Sik pernah gik nangga cite Frozen. Tapi suka ngan lagu Let it go..

  6. family jugak yang boleh terima kita seadanya..:)

  7. comes first.suka movie frozen,lain dr yg lain..

  8. maleficent pun quite interesting...huhu :)