June 15, 2014

It's WHAT GOD SEES, actually.

Hello, everyone ;)

Have you ever been in a situation where you work hard on what you are doing, you give in 100%, selesaikan semampu yang mungkin, but at the end of the day, all you get is CRITICS. Have you? Does it hurt? Does it kill you? Of course not, but it hurts, ain't it?

Well, like Kelly Clarkson said; what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.


As normal human being, we don't fancy critics. I mean, who does? Lebih-lebih lagi bila dah berhempas pulas melakukan sesuatu. But you know, it's normal to hear some 'suara sumbang' because that is life. No one is perfect, so not everyone can see you perfect, and not all can accept your imperfections!

So what do you do when critics attack from every corners? What else, get up and continue the journey. At times, 'suara sumbang' inilah sebenarnya yang mencetuskan inspirasi dalam diri kita; it is to be a better person or do things in a proper way. But most of the time, it is good to put it aside and go on with what you're doing.

You just have to know your stand and what is right, and what not. Yang baik, kita ambil dan sematkan dalam hati. Yang kurang, kita tolak ke tepi. Apa yang penting, langkah kita tak terhenti. Life is all about rising up after failures because if you don't, that is where you will stay forever.

Have a look at the FIFA World Cup today. 4 years back, Spain was the champion. But last Friday, they were beaten by Netherlands. Siapa dapat sangka?! Even Columbia jatuhkan Greece! You see, my point here is we have to rise up! Semangat itu harus sentiasa ada. 

Last but not least, if you are doing the right thing but people are knocking you down, stay calm. What matters the most is what God sees. He sees your heart, He knows your heart. Andai kita ikhlas, by God's will keberkatan itu akan anda. The main point here is keikhlasan hati dan semangat yang harus membakar! ;)

Have a great week ahead..


P/S; Layak jadi counselor dok?? :P 


  1. true can't satisfy everyone.yang penting buat apa yang kita rasa aterbaik :)

  2. ya betul tu,, kita tak mungkin dapat puaskan hati semua orang ,, yang penting kita dah cuba sedaya upaya untuk memberi yang terbaik,, :D

  3. oh pernah pernah. tapi cakap2 org tok sikpat dilayan gilak. buat bodo buat sik dengar jak. janji kita tauk apa yg kita polah. yg membina kita ambik, yg nak condemn jak ya kita ubah jadi kata2 semangat. :)

  4. yer betol tu Vee,, harus terus berusaha,,,, ^_^