June 25, 2014

Let it go, let it goo..

Hi, everyone.. pertama kali menaip di bloggeroid. Ada sedikit kesakaian di situ.. hahaa.. ini hali wa santai ja la..

Let it go, let it goo.. cant hold it back anymore.. familiar with this? Yep, Frozen the movie. Banyak yang tanya saya, what is so good about Frozen, sampai minat sangat.. Well, I am not obsessed with Frozen but frankly speaking, this is my favourite disney movie.

I learnt a lot, especially bab love. Dalam movies yang saya selalu tonton, it is always about BGR when it comes to LOVE. Yea, boy-girl-relationship. You know typical ending, prince selamatkan princess.. but this time round, it is so different.

Bagi yang dah tengok, mesti faham apa yang aku cakap. The ending of this movie is the power of love between two sisters. At first I thought lelaki itu yang akan menyembuhkan penyakit yg hanya mampu diubati dengan TRUE LOVE, but I was wrong.

Quite surprised too! It opened my eyes and showed me that nothing can beat a family love. No matter how many friends you have, how cute your partner are, family love is the best love.

Fellas, when you feel unloved, remember your family and your Creator. They love you more than anything, anyone ;))


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June 21, 2014

You love ALL of ME?

Hi, people. Greetings in the love of God!! :)

Cause all of me, loves all of you..

Half of me is CLOSE to perfect, and the other half is not. :P
I'm just a normal human being, with perfections and imperfections. No, wait. Just close to perfect cos no one is even perfect in the world. So, really, you love all of me? I don't think so!! Unless you are God, then I'd believe that ;)

Human can say they love your imperfections, but do they? Dalam hati pasti ada rasa sedikit menyampah, kot? But to God, it's different. He looks at us differently, because we are made with His own hands. Our imperfections are even made by him because we can't be TOO perfect.

So fellas, whatever brings you down, remember; Your Creator loves you with all His heart, and He REALLY LOVES ALL OF YOU! :) 

BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN DO SILLY THINGS AND TELL PEOPLE "I'M NOT PERFECT, SO?" Yeap, you're not. But GOD gave you brain to think!! :P Good day!!


P/S: Seminggu sekali blogging :( I miss typing out tons of entries per day T_T

June 15, 2014

It's WHAT GOD SEES, actually.

Hello, everyone ;)

Have you ever been in a situation where you work hard on what you are doing, you give in 100%, selesaikan semampu yang mungkin, but at the end of the day, all you get is CRITICS. Have you? Does it hurt? Does it kill you? Of course not, but it hurts, ain't it?

Well, like Kelly Clarkson said; what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.


As normal human being, we don't fancy critics. I mean, who does? Lebih-lebih lagi bila dah berhempas pulas melakukan sesuatu. But you know, it's normal to hear some 'suara sumbang' because that is life. No one is perfect, so not everyone can see you perfect, and not all can accept your imperfections!

So what do you do when critics attack from every corners? What else, get up and continue the journey. At times, 'suara sumbang' inilah sebenarnya yang mencetuskan inspirasi dalam diri kita; it is to be a better person or do things in a proper way. But most of the time, it is good to put it aside and go on with what you're doing.

You just have to know your stand and what is right, and what not. Yang baik, kita ambil dan sematkan dalam hati. Yang kurang, kita tolak ke tepi. Apa yang penting, langkah kita tak terhenti. Life is all about rising up after failures because if you don't, that is where you will stay forever.

Have a look at the FIFA World Cup today. 4 years back, Spain was the champion. But last Friday, they were beaten by Netherlands. Siapa dapat sangka?! Even Columbia jatuhkan Greece! You see, my point here is we have to rise up! Semangat itu harus sentiasa ada. 

Last but not least, if you are doing the right thing but people are knocking you down, stay calm. What matters the most is what God sees. He sees your heart, He knows your heart. Andai kita ikhlas, by God's will keberkatan itu akan anda. The main point here is keikhlasan hati dan semangat yang harus membakar! ;)

Have a great week ahead..


P/S; Layak jadi counselor dok?? :P 

June 13, 2014

Budak Hostel

Hollaa!! Hi, everyone :D Finally back after so long ;) Sebenarnya ada sebab tertentu why blog lama tak update. Biasalah, duk hostel mana mudah nak dapat line. Connection ada, but kalau dah beratus berebut tiang, kita mengalah dan tido je lah kan :P   

Minggu ni genap seminggu 3 hari jadi budak hostel, and yeap; sangat-sangat rare dan janggal since I've never lived even an hour in hostel. Hahahaa.. Homesick, tak payah cakap! Meski rumah hanyalah 10 minutes drive from campus, but seriously; nothing is like home!

Dah lama-lama walau tak lama sangat menjadi budak hostel, banyak benda gak yang aku dah pelajari. First thing first, belajar berjimat cermat. First time merasa kena bayar makanan for that 3-times-per-day-meal; breakfast, lunch, dinner. Nasib baik guwa bukan budak supper. Hahaha.. All in all, I learned to manage my own money. Hmm. Kasi tepukan, walau sedikit!
Next, belajar bersabar. Wahahaha.. Before ni aku belajar bersabar dengan budak keshik yang dok tau apa-apa lagi, tapi kali ni belajar bersabar dengan orang dewasa yang persis students aku kat Krista dulu. Nah. Kalau faham, bisa.. :P The thing is, show courtesy even if others don't. Don't let your mood kill you. Hiahh ^^ Another, bersabar because tak berpeluang nak tengok FIFA. HOSTEL MANA ADA TV!!! 
And, another kebaikan duk kat hostel is line yang slow macam siput sedut.. Jap, siput sedut laju lagi kot? Ahah! Kalau line laju macam wifi kat rumah, memang duk menghadap laptop je kan, tengok fail videos kat youtube, buat research itu ini, and assignments tolak tepi. Yahhh.. Dan melalui line siput sedut inilah aku belajar NIKMAT BELAJAR. Serious! Hahahaha..

Overall, it's the start of something new. Kegagalan semalam takkan menentukan masa depan, andai kita bangkit dan meneruskan langkah ;) Remember, Smile, and have faith!!
My 2nd home, but first home is always the best home ;)

June 08, 2014

Smile; and have FAITH.

Hey, ho! Greetings in the love of God :)

Band aid; my best buddy throughout orientation/MDS. 6 blisters all together on my feet after moving up and down, in and out with flats from sunrise to sunset! Only the ladies who have worn flat shoes for a long time knows how it hurts. Haha! Thank God for the plasters!!

And you know, it's like our life too. This is how I see my blisters. Through our life, there must be some moment where we will get hurt and usually it takes time to heal, but you know what; life goes on! Don't give in to the pain but find a way to heal or at least slow down the pain as long as you keep on moving.

Just keep walking, keep climbing, never lose hope! Usually the best thing happens after heavy storms, so don't stop the journey. Just smile and have faith :)

#MDSUiTMSarawak2014 #UiTMDiHatiku

Have a great Sunday!

Love and peace,

June 04, 2014

WW: #facepalm

Hah. Since when, actually?? -_-''

Google's Image
Eh. #patplohkalifaceplam

Anyway, guys. This is probably my very last entry before starting uni life, and before settling down before I come back here again. So, um.. Thanks for all the supports all these while, thanks for being there and thanks for "listening" to all my babbling!! LOL :P Till we meet again!

Blessings, peace and love,
Vee LR

Menuju Puncakk! HOYEAH!

Hello, earthlings! I can't believe it's the 4th of June already. How time flies! In a few hours time, I will be out and won't be home until the following week. Yes, uni life starts - officially tomorrow.

There you go. A part of me is excited to start a life as a student again but a part of me is not because I had to stay in hostel for 1 semester. Hah. That's hard. I'm going to miss home, definitely! Yea, I know I can come back home during the weekends but it's definitely not the same. Sobs..

I am sure I'm going to miss everything here, especially those who lives in this house; abang, kakak & mummy and daddy. Ala :( Not to forget the kitties too! Hmm. But actually, 1 song has boosted up my spirit, and it's Menuju Puncak by Juwita Suwito. It's the theme song of Akademi Fantasia, and lyrics tu yang naikkan semangat sebenarnya :P

" Bukan mudah menyusun tangga ke angkasa. Bukan mudah mengubah mimpi jadi realiti. Apa pun jua bisa terbukti andai langkahmu tidak terhentiiii " 

Terus rasa sangat determined! Terbayang wajah parents, terbayang masa depan, terbayang semuanya. Immediately rasa diri ini berguna. Hahaha. Apakah? I mean, this is for the sake of my own future too, right? And of course, parents are my priority! ;) They are actually the source of my strength. Hiahaha..

Whatever that's ahead of me, I can't stop walking and I can't make silly feelings take over my life. Life goes on. Weetwiew!
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Good night, fellas. Have a good rest! See you guys again when I see you. Kekeke..

Love, peace and blessings,
Vee LR

June 02, 2014

RM 13 JE KOT!!!

HELLO, earthlings!! :)

Yesterday I went to India Street, Kuching and bought some Baju Kurung. I bought 2 pairs and they cost RM50 each. Yep, I consider it cheap for a Baju Kurung. Material pun okay, you know kain jenis berat. Entah apa nama. Haha!
The 2 that has captured my heart. Amboi :P RM50 each, from 2 different stores. The left one is from Nizamir Textiles Sdn. Bhd and another one from Al-Faz Marketing. Both operated by Muslim-Pakistan. Or, Bangladesh? I'm not sure. Rupa macam orang sana. Hidung mancung semacam ;D And for some reason, yang sebelah kiri membuat diriku rasa macam Corporate Lady. Hahaha.

Then today I went to Boulevard Shopping Mall, Kuching to hunt for some clothes and stuffs. Masuk-masuk je, terus tengok a number of Baju Kurung(s) on sale, and 70% discount was offered. Cari punya cari, terjumpa 1 baju kurung PINK and the price is RM45. Tanya promoter, how much would it cost lepas discount.

Dang! RM13 je kottt!! I should have come here yesterday instead of going all the way to India Street and ended up buying some RM50 baju kurung. Hampehhh.. It's just for my class kot, so tak perlu mahal-mahal kan. Hahaha.

After all this RM13 baju kurung is not that bad! It's pink and the design is gorgeous + the fantastic patterns. The skirt is flowy macam yang di bawah.
Google's Image

Had to use this picture because I didn't snap the skirt. But yeap, gorgeous! Terasa macam pengantin. Eh? Hahaha. And besides that, the inner shirt inside is cool, unlike the ones I've came across before. Before ni banyak inner singlet, but this one it's long sleeve and even covered up my wrists ;)
It covered up but getah-less. Hahaha. Ada word gitu?? Ada, baru je cipta :P Masih boleh move up and down, but that's okay, as long as it protects me from the sun; even a bit. Hahahaha.. :P

And here's the not-so-full-look;

Sorry it's x-large'd. Hahahaha.. Ayu tak iolss?? :P :P :P 

Gila kot. Hahaha.. But RM13 for this kind of Baju Kurung is definitely sangat murah!! To me. Haha. I don't really shop for Baju Kurung(s) so I don't get the murah/mahal price but RM13 for this is okaylah kan, pakar-pakar Baju Kurung?? XD

June 01, 2014

Apa CURL-LASS Ajar Kat Kindy?

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Yes, seriously. Apa kelas kau ajar kat kindy? 

Well, seriously let me ask you back. Seriously, apa dosanya aku ajar kat kindy?? HAH.

I know people tend to look down at kindy teachers because it's kindy, come on. What do you expect? But seriously, just spare a moment to think. 

Kalau jadi guru kat kindergarten ni betul something yang very low class, sekarang ANDA membaca entry ini, ANDA faham setiap yang tertulis di sini, agak-agak di mana ANDA belajar membaca? Pergilah masuk kelas darjah 1 sekarang ni, ada ke guru darjah 1 ajar membaca?

Of course they don't, because all the basic things are taught in kindergarten. In primary 1, mereka hanya meneruskan pembelajaran. Don't look TOO down on the kindy teachers, because without them you won't be able to even know the alphabets.

Tanpa mengenal huruf, tanpa pandai membaca dan menulis, ANDA rasa ANDA mampu melangkah ke menara gading seperti sekarang? Yah. Belajar tinggi-tinggi, otak harus selaras. Jangan hanya pandai mengutuk. Watch where you are standing. 

Anyway, kalau betul jadi guru kindergarten ni low class, mohon jangan hantar anak ANDA ke kindergarten lain kali. Apa CURL-LASS hantar pergi kindy? Hantar ke universiti terus laa.

And one more thing, if you read this entry dari atas ke bawah, thank your teacher.