May 31, 2014

Till We Meet Again, KTC!

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Yeap. Till we meet again, Krista Taman Centurion, Kuching! And hello, earthlings!! :)

Yesterday was my official last day at Krista TC and I'm leaving to further my study here in UiTM Samarahan. Yeap, tak jauh pun. Masih di sini. In fact, the uni is 15 minutes drive from my own house. Hahaha!

Many memories has been captured in my mind, many names has been carved on my heart, and many loves has been received. I'm going to miss them dearly but life goes on, right? :) We are no one to plan the destiny of our lives! Hehee..

When I see my number of posts this month, I was quite sad because it's only 14! 14 posts within 30 days. What happened to the very active me before? Haha. Seriously, I miss my zaman active here. And the reason to the less-active month was definitely because of my working days in KTC. Lol.

Nak buat hape kan.. Teachers don't stop working. They are done for the day only when the preparation for tomorrow's lesson is done, and most of the time it'll be done past midnight. You get me? Kekeke.. Good thing now I left is I'll have more time here for my blog :D Haha! Kejam.

May has been a very packed month, now I hope for the best in June ^^ Sayonara, May; hello, June!! Have a blessed weekend, fellas!! And not forgetting, blessed Gawai to all Dayaks (including me)! Don't drink and drive, or better still, don't get drunk even a bit!! Haha. Be the light, aites ;)



  1. welcome back to school! :)

  2. uitm samarahan dekat x ngn waterfront? hehe

  3. people pass by for a reason..:)