May 14, 2014

Shower Bed

Hello, people of the earth!! What's up?? It's Wednesday, back to work!! :D My oh my, time flies too fast. Like, seriously FAST!! Can't even believe it's Weds already. Phew!

Last Saturday, after the Executive College opening ceremony, we lunched at McD and then went straight to Boulevard Shopping Mall to look for certain things. As we stroll around, I came across a massage bed, a product of Gintell.
Google's Image
It was this bed, I remembered well because of the tiger-skinned-comforter and the lamp which is attached to the bed. It was so amusing that I went in to check it out. Man, this bed is so cool! Even the price is cool. It costs 26, 000 MYR. Hahaha. I looked at the price and bleh, went out. Kirim salam!!!

The next day after we had Mini Olympic, I went home, jumped onto my bed and zap, I was fast asleep. Slept for about 15 minutes before waking up because it was uncomfortable to sleep with sticky body. Ah, that feeling at that time. Sticky body and sleepy eyes, not sure which one to pick -,-

But at the end, I decided to shower. Hahaha. At this kind of time I really wished I had the shower bed. You know, that bed where you can sleep but shower at the same time. You don't have to do anything, but sleep. Let the robots do their work. Shampooing, everything.

And even cooler if a massaging robot is attached. Kahahaha. Wild imaginations! But who knows, one day it could be real ^_^ Technologies are growing, nothing is impossible right? :P

Have a great day. That's it for today's rambling :P