May 19, 2014

Sayonara ~

Hello, all! Greetings in the love of God :)

I've checked my application status in UiTM and tadaa! Application approved!! So therefore, I am (not) officially (yet) a student of UiTM, but quite official since I accepted it. And therefore (again), farewell Krista Taman Centurion. Huwaa :(

It's quite saddening, though I'm excited to begin my life as a student again. It's quite exciting when I see my kids studying and learning, but those are the people that I'm going to miss so much! Seriously. 
Yah! Take that X-large'd picture. Kekeke.. I'm so going to miss this place so muchh.. Hmmmmm ~~


  1. eh sambung blajar atau kerja kat uitm vee :)
    vish all the best ya

  2. congrates sis vee..:) soon you'll gonna be a student back..goodluck!!