May 14, 2014

Review: Annuar BBQ Steamboat, Kuching

Hello, everyone :) Thanks for stopping by!

Few months back, I went to Annuar BBQ Steamboat for a gathering. It is not a new place to me but I've never been there before. This place is quite interesting as it is the one and only HALAL steamboat restaurant in Kuching town. It is situated at Jalan Persiaran Ban Hock, Kuching. To be exact, behind this restaurant is Telang Usan Hotel, next to it is D11 BBQ Steamboat, and opposite D11 is Hornbill BBQ Steamboat.

Yeap, 3 steamboat restaurants in 1 place ;) Quite a competition, eh!!

In any steamboat restaurants, foods are cooked by the customers anyhow they want. So any of this restaurants will have raw food sections somewhere. For ABS, the food section is not that bad. I can say the best food section ever. It's clean, very tidy and foods were divided perfectly. Meat with meat, veges with veges, etc. It's like a cold-storage style. Awesome!!
Speaking of food choices, this restaurant provides balance food. Balance as in they have seafood, vegetables, chicken meat, beef, except for pork - of course! They have prawns, squids, and that's all I saw. Haha! I didn't see any crabs, though. And not forgetting, the fish!

Since I've been to D11 for quite a number of times, I still prefer their marinating than ABS. ABS gives us more of local taste because the meats are salty. Unlike D11, it is more to western taste because they are marinated sweetly. Not much difference, but I somehow prefer sweet marination. For westerners, perhaps this is where you should go because you will be able to really get into our style ;)

Whereas for the soups, you are given 2 choices. Either you make chicken soup or Tom Yam. The flavors are placed on the table, so you can pick!

Not only that, they even provide famous local foods like Laksa Sarawak and Manok Pansoh (chix meat cooked in bamboo).
In other steamboat restaurants, drinks are paid separately but over here, they provide us 2 different drinks and it's 'take all you want' style. The waters are placed in water dispensers and we can take without getting charged. I was amazed!! Haha ^^
Sorry the image is blur! I only have this to show the drinks and didnt know it's blur T_T
Besides that, they also provide grilling area by the roadside for the customers to grill anything they want. I think it is good they provide this though they have grilling section on steamboat pan as it is quite hot when you grill things on the pan, so by then you can grill while cooling yourself down somewhere. 

And oh, not forgetting the steamboat pan too! I really like their style of keeping it clean because the pans are foiled with aluminium foil. The good thing about foiling it is the meats won't stick to the pans easily :) And in terms of hygiene, it is guaranteed clean because the used foils will be thrown away; compare to the pans without foil, they have to scrub off the meats. Umm, not really sure if they can really scrub ALL! Ha.
Moving on to the place, I think these people are really good at space management. The management of space is great as it is not too crowded. They do have a lot of customers but due to the great management, it looked less crowded. Furthermore, it makes you feel close to natures.

This place is divided into 3 sections; 1st floor for any private functions - they provide air-conditioned room and karaoke set. For the lower floor, they provide Garden themed hut. Everything was made of chopped trees, including the seats. Around the hut, you can see trees. Very chilling and cooling!
Hiah! Even the floor is made of wood. Fantastic, ain't it?? A great place to chill out after a hard day - with family! Yes, it's very family-friendly. I saw many families dined out here. Well to be frank, it is more family friendly than D11 because of the atmosphere. The background music especially. While D11 plays mostly teenage songs, ABS uses classic music. Local, of course. Hehe.. I don't know, the song simply plays an important role for the atmosphere, somehow.. ;D

Another thing I love about this restaurant is its friendly staffs :D Kahaha.. They were mingling around and even asked what do I need! Cool. I love this kind of hospitality. You go, ABS!! Not only they communicate with customers, they even take photos with them!
I told you! Hiahaha.. He's actually the handsome son of the owner and my senior in high school, to be exact. Hahaha.. I even interviewed him a little, told him about my plan to review and he gave me the permission! Nice nice..

Then, at the end of the day I interviewed few people who joined the gathering. Both of them are from Johor and both commented almost the same thing. I'll just put out in point forms for better view ;D
  • Foods provided are okay, and the best thing is they provide foods that are hard to find over their place of studies, because most of the time seafoods are served in restaurant, and why would a student dine out in a restaurant, right?
  • Reflects the identity of Sarawak style of steamboat. In West Malaysia, their steamboat is different than ours because it is focused more steamed foods. No barbecue, and only instant foods like sausages are provided. And it's something very new to them. 
  • They loved the landscape because it's garden themed - as mentioned above! It's chilling and makes them feel close to nature. ;)
  • Cleanliness level; average. Why, I don't know either. It's their opinions ;D
  • For the location, it is quite secluded, they said.
  • And last but not least, family friendly :D
In my opinion, overall I think this place is good for anyone, ideal for families too! If you want to taste the taste of Sarawak, if you want to have a steamboat bbq for private functions, if you want to feel close to nature, do not hesitate to come over! 

Have a look on their business card attached below for more details;
Click to enlarge! :D Last but not least, another thing I love about this restaurant is their slogan. "Sik kenyang sik boleh balit", which means "you can't go home before getting full". So no going home with half-empty stomach. Kehkehkeh..
Have a great day, fellas! Do come over to ABS, and share with us your opinions, okay? ^^



  1. ha..ha.. tempat mkan steamboat yg awesome!! teacher vee..
    satu tempat ada 3 kedai..mcm2 pilihan ada.. so yummy :)
    rasanya kalau sampai sarawak nak cari laksa sarawak..
    mkn kat semenanjung..rasa mcm sedap gak..kalau kat sarawak mesti lg best rasa dia

  2. akak minat makan steambot nie tapi tak minat nak memasak tu sebab bila dah masak2..makan pun dah kurang..hehehe..

  3. cannot go with steamboat..i used to eat before, 1st time actually, then after hours, my tummy feeling not so well.. feel like wanna thrown out..-.- after that, i never it steamboat anymore.. pity me..

  4. syoknya mkan2 cya..mok g cya balit gawai klak..wee..

  5. Bolehlah cuba nanti bila saya pergi Kuching minggu depan...tq

  6. Yes, annuar steamboat....fully recommended ..especially to all Muslim, its halal restaurant....I've been to D11 before, can't challenge annuar steamboat...I felt suspicious (ragu2) with the way D11 marinate their food ..can smell wine on their food ...anyway I wish annuar steamboat be a great place for Muslim for having their meal...insyaallah

  7. Yes, annuar steamboat....fully recommended ..especially to all Muslim, its halal restaurant....I've been to D11 before, can't challenge annuar steamboat...I felt suspicious (ragu2) with the way D11 marinate their food ..can smell wine on their food ...anyway I wish annuar steamboat be a great place for Muslim for having their meal...insyaallah