May 21, 2014

No one, Anyone

Hello, everybody! Greetings in the love and peace of God ^^

Caption; A spectator of no one, a supporter of anyone.

Can you figure out what is the meaning behind this allusion? Hehe ^_^ 

This photo was snapped this morning with my 50sen phone when I was alone in the auditorium of Experimental Theater, UNIMAS. I went to their CIPTA (Cetusan Inspirasi Pelajar Tahun Akhir) Concert and after the first session ended, I sat there alone listening to Korean songs (mainly by Running Man casts. I'm not an obses K-Poper, okies!! Haha)

Randomly snap photos and I snapped this with special focus on my legs and the empty chairs on the floor. The seats belong to the orchestra team, mostly violinist and a random caption came across my mind.

'A spectator of no one, a supporter of anyone' - my definition on I am no one's spectator is I've no idea who am I watching, I've no idea who is performing on stage but they have my support. Here, "No one" does not mean nobody but it means strangers.

Yes, I do know their names but I don't know them. I know them, but I don't know them. Haha ;) To be frank, this Music students have a special place in my heart. The first time I joined their concert, I grabbed them in my heart. I see them as my elder brothers and sisters. Yea, I do love them.

I don't get how, but I know the love has been placed in my heart for some reasons that only God knows! ;) After all, why hate if you can love? ;)

Love and peace, 

-- Terasa rugi tak slot in cerita about their past Home Concerts, MAPU, MFF and other events yang this people dah take part. I'd love to have a compilation about this people here in my blog. Buat kenangan.. Alaaa.. Next upcoming events mesti slot in sini! Hikhok! ^^


  1. i dengan doubleIS tengok orchestra dalam youtube je :)

  2. hargai ciptaan maha esa yang lain, kita juga akan dihargai..:)

  3. Vee..buat apa duk sesorg tu..berangan eh.hehe.snggh mlm vee