May 25, 2014

My Own Pre-Gawai

Oh, hiiii.. :) Gawai is creeping in closer and teet! I won't be in kampung at that time. Sobs!! Went back to kampung yesterday because on the actual day, I will be busy preparing stuffs to get back to Uni, then on the 4th, registration day. Alamak. 

So, yesterday we kinda had our pre-gawai among ourselves. We barbecued, karaoke'd and simply had a blast though there were just few of us around because not everyone is home yet.
Marinating chicken wings, ended up having yellowish palms + fingers because kunyit itu yellow. Haha. Preparing this for our late-night barbecue ^_^
One of our traditional dish; Manok Pansoh (Chicken cooked in bamboo) and the grilled ikan Sepat for our dinner. 
Karaoke session with cousins. To be frank, that was my first time karaoke-ing. Hahahaha. Kesiannya!! But that IS the truth! Started off at 10 pm. Neighbors were probably asleep by then, but hader haku kesah?? Kahaha. Good neighbor, ain't I?? :B 

And and and, many other things! And it saddens me that I couldn't be there with the rest of them on the actual day of celebration. Apakan daya.. Next year, perhaps?? :)

Have a nice evening ahead, fellas.

Don't miss me too much,


  1. wah bestnyaaaa kak vee dah semangat dah tu hihihi

  2. nak ayam tu kak vee T_T
    eheheeheh piwitttt
    best kan karok? hihihi

  3. amboi vee..sakan karoke..
    x pe jiran baik x marah la..karok la sampai 2 pagi he..he..
    btw tahniah sambung belajar :P

  4. selamat hari gawai kakvee..
    sedapnya membakar..:O

  5. sedapnya bbq vee.. suka karok ya? sy pon suka even suara sy xsedap..hehe