May 01, 2014

Hello, May!

Good morning, fellas :D First and foremost, happy Labour Day to all labours! Today is your day so make sure you reward yourself like I did k. I slept for 10 hours. Hahaha.. :P Time flies so fast, don't you think so? It's May already! 

May, genap 9 bulan single :P
May, genap 1 tahun 8 bulan bergelar blogger :D
May, genap 5 bulan kerja as 'teacher' x)

Above all the incidents mentioned up there, I'd like to thank GOD for this beautiful life :) Yes, indeed, being single is not a problem but the process of being one is tough. There were many hills, many valleys that I've to go through but that is life, right. And thanking GOD for carrying me through :') Thanks to the LORD for the chance of being a blogger, too. I've met many people from all walks of life. How amazing. And, being a teacher is totally an awesome thing! I think most of my entries here explained them well already. Hihii. Life is beautiful, indeed.^^

Recalling back the resolutions, so far I've achieved few of them. YAY! 2014's resolution is to bond my relationship with my Creator, spend more time with family, lose some weight and accomplish dance mission :D By now, I've achieved 3 out 4! Hermahgerd, first time dapat capai azam. Hahaha..

None of the days I lived is without prayers, and that makes me feel so close to Him. Like He is there all the time for me! I know He is always there but when there is no communication, it's hard to feel Him as if He is not in your heart. So this year started off with this because I know everything will be OK if I walk with Him, according to His ways ^^

Yes, I lost my weight :D 
Now I'm putting back on the clothes I couldn't fit before. Haha! Happiness overload!! Think I've lost about 1 inch of my waist :P Back to size 28 & 29, perhaps ^^ And the resolution now is to maintain that. Not too big, not too small. Hahahaha. Apa aku merapu nii. Lol xD

Dance mission. Well, to be frank it is not accomplished as how it should be. ZUMBA has been added to the daily routine now and it is done for a total of 1 hour 30 minutes every weekdays. So basically, on Saturdays and Sundays I won't be doing anything to rest my body. Not being too hard on myself. Kekeke.. I think so far I've choreographed 2 dances? Yea, 2. Hihihi. Bahagianya rasa!! XD

Whereas for blog, I've achieved 3 out of 6! :D Actually there's 7 resolutions, but I cancelled out the 7th because I don't want to put in any ads after reading lots of complains about the inappropriate pictures shown. Man, not going to pollute my blogg.. :/ So yep; kurangkan entry luahan jiwang, kekalkan design blog for at least 3 months, kekalkan nama blog. Yes, achieved!! :D

So, 2014, so far so good :D Haha! Life is beautiful, indeed ^^ Nothing much to say to May, but hope for a better life :D Have a great day, people. Have a blessed holiday :D And thanks for reading this super long entry. Hiks!

Great blessings,


  1. wah wahhh congrats of being single, teacher and blogger!!!
    kak vee and and hahahaha congratulations dah kurus hihihi <3

  2. Happy Labour Day to you Vee!

  3. Mei genap 28 tahun.. hehe

  4. wow..thats great!! feel happy for you sis..:)
    keep cheering ur day up..

  5. Wah, tahniah2. Mesti hasil dari berzumba ari2 towk. Hihi.

  6. happy singgle..
    happy bloggers..
    happy teacher,,
    dan happy may vee :P