May 12, 2014

Flower Pots in My Heart

Hello, everyone! Thanks for stopping by :D At this moment when I'm typing this, I'm actually still figuring out the best title, besides typical titles like Im Back, Busy, etc. Come one lah. If I keep on posting that kind of title, I bet the rest of my entries are going to be entitled that way. 

Because aku memang busy!! Kahahaha.. 

Yeap, it's been a busy month for me. May feels so pack with many things going on at the same time. Exhausting, but I had so much fun! Really, there's a huge joy :D Because all the experiences I got worth way more than the pay, and it is definitely worth my exhaustion. ;)

Monday to Friday was packed with preparations for our Mini Olympic. Every afternoon when the kids take their nap, we'll be like the kilang downstairs. Hahaha. Preparing this and that, then meetings per meetings. On Saturday, we were working for another thing under the event company of the kindy owner.
Up and ready by 6am. That was the uniform for that day. Event company t-shirt + black pants + black ballet flats. All black. o.O

The event was the Executive College opening ceremony. I was assigned to serve the VVIPs and that's one of the valuable experience, seriously! The Dato's are very friendly, too. Well, they do berpangkat tinggi, but they don't eat people!! Hahaha.. Instead, I had fun chit chatting with them. Seriously, a good inspiration for this thing we called HUMBLENESS ;)
Silhouette selfie in the VVIP room :D 

Lion dance for opening of the opening ceremony. This is why I had the silhouette selfie; because it was noisy outside!! Hehehe..

Yeaa. A very simple VVIP room. :D

Basically my Saturday went out something like this; 
8 am - 1:30 pm: EC opening Ceremony
2 pm - 4 pm: Settling some stuffs
5 pm: Home
7 pm - 8:50 pm: Church
9:30 pm - 12 am: Mini Olympic set up

Then Sunday started off at 4:30 am until 1 pm. 

Sounds not so packed with the time not too close to each other but if you were in that situation, it's definitely tiring. It feels like I had no time to breathe. Haha.. Above all, I had fun in both events :) It's all worth my kurang tidur-ness. Haha..

Today is a special rest day for the teachers and students of KTC, therefore I enjoyed myself watching Running Man the entire day. I miss it, lol!! And; continuing this RM Marathon now :P Thanks for reading, till we meet again!


** the title this time is really random. haha! I couldn't find the relation either. :P


  1. Hahahha kak vee
    im still figuring out the connection between title and the entry haha :p

  2. nice!! time to collect the experience thingy..hehehe..

  3. hello. what a hectic life you have! i hope u can handle the pressure..