May 27, 2014


Hi, there! Greetings in the love of God :)

Orchid, my best buddy. Who has always been there for me, no matter what and though she has no idea what the heck is going on with my life - because all she cares for is food food and food. Haha! Definitely going to miss this fellow once I get back to uni.

I will miss her meows early in the morning, I'll miss how active she is - running around the house catching whatever that is flying or crawling. She even has her own special spots to catch the moth, lizards and also the insects. Cuteness overload!!

Dearest Orchid, be a good kitty, okay. I love you, but do not sleep on my bed when I am not around. Hahaa ^_^


  1. tapi atas katil la selalu jd sasaran kitty2 ni hehe

  2. Vee, dah buat akak rindu kucing akak... sobs sobs

  3. cute pusak ya..anyway Selamat ngintu ari gawai,Vee.. :D

  4. kucing..all they know is eat..LOL..hahaha