May 13, 2014

[30DBC] Day #10: The Weather

Hello, all :D Happy Wesak Day to those who are celebrating it and happy (public) holiday to the rest of us! How did you spend this day? I spent most of my time organizing my bedroom. Rearranged the furniture, disposed all the unwanted things, etc. In this family, I'm the one and only fella who has been 'renovating' my room all the time. Bosanlah kalau posisi sama. Kan?

So dear future husband, take not. You might need to carry heavy things a lot next time. Haha! 

Anyway, back to the real topic; it's been a while since I posted about this challenge. It's not that I didn't want to but my time here is too little. So since it's an off day, why not kan? ^^

Speaking of the weather, not sure how is it like in other places but here, it's quite hot. The weather is pretty humid that even in the air-conditioned room, it's still super hot. Especially when you're upstairs in a double-story house. Perhaps because it's closer to the sky, hehee.. Theory apakah? :P
Few days ago - Wisma Naim, Rock Road, Kuching - Scorching sun

But yes, it's based on true story. Last week, I was assigned to teach in the upper class to replace their teacher and dang, I was sweating like mad! My shirt was wet and even my hair. I was drenched in sweats and smelled good, too. Hahaha. :P Nak tak nak, shower juga in the afternoon :P Luckily we had the permission to shower. Lepas ni minta kebenaran untuk nap juga lah. Miahaha..

So, to end this, the weather here now is hot. Super hot! But I don't get why am I drinking hot coffee at this hour. Hiks!! Anyways, have a great day ahead! Thanks for reading :)



  1. Agreed. Super duper hot! aaaaaaa

  2. Sebab cuti.. Rehat-rehat je. Di Kuantan ni pun panas jugak. Panas sangat. Fuhhhhh.

  3. go to interview..
    sedih kan cuti2 pagi kena drive g tempat interview..letih jauh plak tu..
    tapi utk msa dpan yg gmilang..layankan jela..

  4. it is because of this coming season/phenomena i think.. El Nino..