May 31, 2014

Till We Meet Again, KTC!

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Yeap. Till we meet again, Krista Taman Centurion, Kuching! And hello, earthlings!! :)

Yesterday was my official last day at Krista TC and I'm leaving to further my study here in UiTM Samarahan. Yeap, tak jauh pun. Masih di sini. In fact, the uni is 15 minutes drive from my own house. Hahaha!

Many memories has been captured in my mind, many names has been carved on my heart, and many loves has been received. I'm going to miss them dearly but life goes on, right? :) We are no one to plan the destiny of our lives! Hehee..

When I see my number of posts this month, I was quite sad because it's only 14! 14 posts within 30 days. What happened to the very active me before? Haha. Seriously, I miss my zaman active here. And the reason to the less-active month was definitely because of my working days in KTC. Lol.

Nak buat hape kan.. Teachers don't stop working. They are done for the day only when the preparation for tomorrow's lesson is done, and most of the time it'll be done past midnight. You get me? Kekeke.. Good thing now I left is I'll have more time here for my blog :D Haha! Kejam.

May has been a very packed month, now I hope for the best in June ^^ Sayonara, May; hello, June!! Have a blessed weekend, fellas!! And not forgetting, blessed Gawai to all Dayaks (including me)! Don't drink and drive, or better still, don't get drunk even a bit!! Haha. Be the light, aites ;)


May 27, 2014


Hi, there! Greetings in the love of God :)

Orchid, my best buddy. Who has always been there for me, no matter what and though she has no idea what the heck is going on with my life - because all she cares for is food food and food. Haha! Definitely going to miss this fellow once I get back to uni.

I will miss her meows early in the morning, I'll miss how active she is - running around the house catching whatever that is flying or crawling. She even has her own special spots to catch the moth, lizards and also the insects. Cuteness overload!!

Dearest Orchid, be a good kitty, okay. I love you, but do not sleep on my bed when I am not around. Hahaa ^_^

May 26, 2014

Giveaway "Ke Korea Dah Kita..."

Annyeonghaseyo!! Amboi, jauhnya pergi. Tapi baguslah. Dapat bersua muka dengan Joong Ki. Haha. In my dreams kot semua tu!! Huhuu.
Aih. Melting kejap eden. Hahaha. JAUH melayang dari topik! Ha, actually lama sangat dah tak join mana-mana giveaway/segment, dan lama sangat dah tak berporet di sini dalam BM. Hari ini on leave, that's why ;D So today I decided to join one segment because ada kaitan dengan Korea :P

Dan dan, paling meng-excited-kan, we'll get some gifts from Korea. Halamak!! Memang untung sangat kalau dapat benda dari Korea tu. Seriously :D

Offered gifts: Kain kapas dari Korea, fridge magnets, key-chain & a set of metal chopsticks + spoon.

Gerh. Pegang barang Korea je confirm hati melonjak kegembiraan kot? Hahaha. Moga-moga dapat menang!! Amin :D

Click on the image to join, k ^^

May 25, 2014

My Own Pre-Gawai

Oh, hiiii.. :) Gawai is creeping in closer and teet! I won't be in kampung at that time. Sobs!! Went back to kampung yesterday because on the actual day, I will be busy preparing stuffs to get back to Uni, then on the 4th, registration day. Alamak. 

So, yesterday we kinda had our pre-gawai among ourselves. We barbecued, karaoke'd and simply had a blast though there were just few of us around because not everyone is home yet.
Marinating chicken wings, ended up having yellowish palms + fingers because kunyit itu yellow. Haha. Preparing this for our late-night barbecue ^_^
One of our traditional dish; Manok Pansoh (Chicken cooked in bamboo) and the grilled ikan Sepat for our dinner. 
Karaoke session with cousins. To be frank, that was my first time karaoke-ing. Hahahaha. Kesiannya!! But that IS the truth! Started off at 10 pm. Neighbors were probably asleep by then, but hader haku kesah?? Kahaha. Good neighbor, ain't I?? :B 

And and and, many other things! And it saddens me that I couldn't be there with the rest of them on the actual day of celebration. Apakan daya.. Next year, perhaps?? :)

Have a nice evening ahead, fellas.

Don't miss me too much,

May 21, 2014

No one, Anyone

Hello, everybody! Greetings in the love and peace of God ^^

Caption; A spectator of no one, a supporter of anyone.

Can you figure out what is the meaning behind this allusion? Hehe ^_^ 

This photo was snapped this morning with my 50sen phone when I was alone in the auditorium of Experimental Theater, UNIMAS. I went to their CIPTA (Cetusan Inspirasi Pelajar Tahun Akhir) Concert and after the first session ended, I sat there alone listening to Korean songs (mainly by Running Man casts. I'm not an obses K-Poper, okies!! Haha)

Randomly snap photos and I snapped this with special focus on my legs and the empty chairs on the floor. The seats belong to the orchestra team, mostly violinist and a random caption came across my mind.

'A spectator of no one, a supporter of anyone' - my definition on I am no one's spectator is I've no idea who am I watching, I've no idea who is performing on stage but they have my support. Here, "No one" does not mean nobody but it means strangers.

Yes, I do know their names but I don't know them. I know them, but I don't know them. Haha ;) To be frank, this Music students have a special place in my heart. The first time I joined their concert, I grabbed them in my heart. I see them as my elder brothers and sisters. Yea, I do love them.

I don't get how, but I know the love has been placed in my heart for some reasons that only God knows! ;) After all, why hate if you can love? ;)

Love and peace, 

-- Terasa rugi tak slot in cerita about their past Home Concerts, MAPU, MFF and other events yang this people dah take part. I'd love to have a compilation about this people here in my blog. Buat kenangan.. Alaaa.. Next upcoming events mesti slot in sini! Hikhok! ^^

May 19, 2014

Sayonara ~

Hello, all! Greetings in the love of God :)

I've checked my application status in UiTM and tadaa! Application approved!! So therefore, I am (not) officially (yet) a student of UiTM, but quite official since I accepted it. And therefore (again), farewell Krista Taman Centurion. Huwaa :(

It's quite saddening, though I'm excited to begin my life as a student again. It's quite exciting when I see my kids studying and learning, but those are the people that I'm going to miss so much! Seriously. 
Yah! Take that X-large'd picture. Kekeke.. I'm so going to miss this place so muchh.. Hmmmmm ~~

May 14, 2014

Review: Annuar BBQ Steamboat, Kuching

Hello, everyone :) Thanks for stopping by!

Few months back, I went to Annuar BBQ Steamboat for a gathering. It is not a new place to me but I've never been there before. This place is quite interesting as it is the one and only HALAL steamboat restaurant in Kuching town. It is situated at Jalan Persiaran Ban Hock, Kuching. To be exact, behind this restaurant is Telang Usan Hotel, next to it is D11 BBQ Steamboat, and opposite D11 is Hornbill BBQ Steamboat.

Yeap, 3 steamboat restaurants in 1 place ;) Quite a competition, eh!!

In any steamboat restaurants, foods are cooked by the customers anyhow they want. So any of this restaurants will have raw food sections somewhere. For ABS, the food section is not that bad. I can say the best food section ever. It's clean, very tidy and foods were divided perfectly. Meat with meat, veges with veges, etc. It's like a cold-storage style. Awesome!!
Speaking of food choices, this restaurant provides balance food. Balance as in they have seafood, vegetables, chicken meat, beef, except for pork - of course! They have prawns, squids, and that's all I saw. Haha! I didn't see any crabs, though. And not forgetting, the fish!

Since I've been to D11 for quite a number of times, I still prefer their marinating than ABS. ABS gives us more of local taste because the meats are salty. Unlike D11, it is more to western taste because they are marinated sweetly. Not much difference, but I somehow prefer sweet marination. For westerners, perhaps this is where you should go because you will be able to really get into our style ;)

Whereas for the soups, you are given 2 choices. Either you make chicken soup or Tom Yam. The flavors are placed on the table, so you can pick!

Not only that, they even provide famous local foods like Laksa Sarawak and Manok Pansoh (chix meat cooked in bamboo).
In other steamboat restaurants, drinks are paid separately but over here, they provide us 2 different drinks and it's 'take all you want' style. The waters are placed in water dispensers and we can take without getting charged. I was amazed!! Haha ^^
Sorry the image is blur! I only have this to show the drinks and didnt know it's blur T_T
Besides that, they also provide grilling area by the roadside for the customers to grill anything they want. I think it is good they provide this though they have grilling section on steamboat pan as it is quite hot when you grill things on the pan, so by then you can grill while cooling yourself down somewhere. 

And oh, not forgetting the steamboat pan too! I really like their style of keeping it clean because the pans are foiled with aluminium foil. The good thing about foiling it is the meats won't stick to the pans easily :) And in terms of hygiene, it is guaranteed clean because the used foils will be thrown away; compare to the pans without foil, they have to scrub off the meats. Umm, not really sure if they can really scrub ALL! Ha.
Moving on to the place, I think these people are really good at space management. The management of space is great as it is not too crowded. They do have a lot of customers but due to the great management, it looked less crowded. Furthermore, it makes you feel close to natures.

This place is divided into 3 sections; 1st floor for any private functions - they provide air-conditioned room and karaoke set. For the lower floor, they provide Garden themed hut. Everything was made of chopped trees, including the seats. Around the hut, you can see trees. Very chilling and cooling!
Hiah! Even the floor is made of wood. Fantastic, ain't it?? A great place to chill out after a hard day - with family! Yes, it's very family-friendly. I saw many families dined out here. Well to be frank, it is more family friendly than D11 because of the atmosphere. The background music especially. While D11 plays mostly teenage songs, ABS uses classic music. Local, of course. Hehe.. I don't know, the song simply plays an important role for the atmosphere, somehow.. ;D

Another thing I love about this restaurant is its friendly staffs :D Kahaha.. They were mingling around and even asked what do I need! Cool. I love this kind of hospitality. You go, ABS!! Not only they communicate with customers, they even take photos with them!
I told you! Hiahaha.. He's actually the handsome son of the owner and my senior in high school, to be exact. Hahaha.. I even interviewed him a little, told him about my plan to review and he gave me the permission! Nice nice..

Then, at the end of the day I interviewed few people who joined the gathering. Both of them are from Johor and both commented almost the same thing. I'll just put out in point forms for better view ;D
  • Foods provided are okay, and the best thing is they provide foods that are hard to find over their place of studies, because most of the time seafoods are served in restaurant, and why would a student dine out in a restaurant, right?
  • Reflects the identity of Sarawak style of steamboat. In West Malaysia, their steamboat is different than ours because it is focused more steamed foods. No barbecue, and only instant foods like sausages are provided. And it's something very new to them. 
  • They loved the landscape because it's garden themed - as mentioned above! It's chilling and makes them feel close to nature. ;)
  • Cleanliness level; average. Why, I don't know either. It's their opinions ;D
  • For the location, it is quite secluded, they said.
  • And last but not least, family friendly :D
In my opinion, overall I think this place is good for anyone, ideal for families too! If you want to taste the taste of Sarawak, if you want to have a steamboat bbq for private functions, if you want to feel close to nature, do not hesitate to come over! 

Have a look on their business card attached below for more details;
Click to enlarge! :D Last but not least, another thing I love about this restaurant is their slogan. "Sik kenyang sik boleh balit", which means "you can't go home before getting full". So no going home with half-empty stomach. Kehkehkeh..
Have a great day, fellas! Do come over to ABS, and share with us your opinions, okay? ^^


Shower Bed

Hello, people of the earth!! What's up?? It's Wednesday, back to work!! :D My oh my, time flies too fast. Like, seriously FAST!! Can't even believe it's Weds already. Phew!

Last Saturday, after the Executive College opening ceremony, we lunched at McD and then went straight to Boulevard Shopping Mall to look for certain things. As we stroll around, I came across a massage bed, a product of Gintell.
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It was this bed, I remembered well because of the tiger-skinned-comforter and the lamp which is attached to the bed. It was so amusing that I went in to check it out. Man, this bed is so cool! Even the price is cool. It costs 26, 000 MYR. Hahaha. I looked at the price and bleh, went out. Kirim salam!!!

The next day after we had Mini Olympic, I went home, jumped onto my bed and zap, I was fast asleep. Slept for about 15 minutes before waking up because it was uncomfortable to sleep with sticky body. Ah, that feeling at that time. Sticky body and sleepy eyes, not sure which one to pick -,-

But at the end, I decided to shower. Hahaha. At this kind of time I really wished I had the shower bed. You know, that bed where you can sleep but shower at the same time. You don't have to do anything, but sleep. Let the robots do their work. Shampooing, everything.

And even cooler if a massaging robot is attached. Kahahaha. Wild imaginations! But who knows, one day it could be real ^_^ Technologies are growing, nothing is impossible right? :P

Have a great day. That's it for today's rambling :P


May 13, 2014

[30DBC] Day #10: The Weather

Hello, all :D Happy Wesak Day to those who are celebrating it and happy (public) holiday to the rest of us! How did you spend this day? I spent most of my time organizing my bedroom. Rearranged the furniture, disposed all the unwanted things, etc. In this family, I'm the one and only fella who has been 'renovating' my room all the time. Bosanlah kalau posisi sama. Kan?

So dear future husband, take not. You might need to carry heavy things a lot next time. Haha! 

Anyway, back to the real topic; it's been a while since I posted about this challenge. It's not that I didn't want to but my time here is too little. So since it's an off day, why not kan? ^^

Speaking of the weather, not sure how is it like in other places but here, it's quite hot. The weather is pretty humid that even in the air-conditioned room, it's still super hot. Especially when you're upstairs in a double-story house. Perhaps because it's closer to the sky, hehee.. Theory apakah? :P
Few days ago - Wisma Naim, Rock Road, Kuching - Scorching sun

But yes, it's based on true story. Last week, I was assigned to teach in the upper class to replace their teacher and dang, I was sweating like mad! My shirt was wet and even my hair. I was drenched in sweats and smelled good, too. Hahaha. :P Nak tak nak, shower juga in the afternoon :P Luckily we had the permission to shower. Lepas ni minta kebenaran untuk nap juga lah. Miahaha..

So, to end this, the weather here now is hot. Super hot! But I don't get why am I drinking hot coffee at this hour. Hiks!! Anyways, have a great day ahead! Thanks for reading :)


May 12, 2014

Flower Pots in My Heart

Hello, everyone! Thanks for stopping by :D At this moment when I'm typing this, I'm actually still figuring out the best title, besides typical titles like Im Back, Busy, etc. Come one lah. If I keep on posting that kind of title, I bet the rest of my entries are going to be entitled that way. 

Because aku memang busy!! Kahahaha.. 

Yeap, it's been a busy month for me. May feels so pack with many things going on at the same time. Exhausting, but I had so much fun! Really, there's a huge joy :D Because all the experiences I got worth way more than the pay, and it is definitely worth my exhaustion. ;)

Monday to Friday was packed with preparations for our Mini Olympic. Every afternoon when the kids take their nap, we'll be like the kilang downstairs. Hahaha. Preparing this and that, then meetings per meetings. On Saturday, we were working for another thing under the event company of the kindy owner.
Up and ready by 6am. That was the uniform for that day. Event company t-shirt + black pants + black ballet flats. All black. o.O

The event was the Executive College opening ceremony. I was assigned to serve the VVIPs and that's one of the valuable experience, seriously! The Dato's are very friendly, too. Well, they do berpangkat tinggi, but they don't eat people!! Hahaha.. Instead, I had fun chit chatting with them. Seriously, a good inspiration for this thing we called HUMBLENESS ;)
Silhouette selfie in the VVIP room :D 

Lion dance for opening of the opening ceremony. This is why I had the silhouette selfie; because it was noisy outside!! Hehehe..

Yeaa. A very simple VVIP room. :D

Basically my Saturday went out something like this; 
8 am - 1:30 pm: EC opening Ceremony
2 pm - 4 pm: Settling some stuffs
5 pm: Home
7 pm - 8:50 pm: Church
9:30 pm - 12 am: Mini Olympic set up

Then Sunday started off at 4:30 am until 1 pm. 

Sounds not so packed with the time not too close to each other but if you were in that situation, it's definitely tiring. It feels like I had no time to breathe. Haha.. Above all, I had fun in both events :) It's all worth my kurang tidur-ness. Haha..

Today is a special rest day for the teachers and students of KTC, therefore I enjoyed myself watching Running Man the entire day. I miss it, lol!! And; continuing this RM Marathon now :P Thanks for reading, till we meet again!


** the title this time is really random. haha! I couldn't find the relation either. :P

May 01, 2014

Culture VS God

Great reminder :D Have a great Friday ahead!! xx

Superb blessings upon you,

Hello, May!

Good morning, fellas :D First and foremost, happy Labour Day to all labours! Today is your day so make sure you reward yourself like I did k. I slept for 10 hours. Hahaha.. :P Time flies so fast, don't you think so? It's May already! 

May, genap 9 bulan single :P
May, genap 1 tahun 8 bulan bergelar blogger :D
May, genap 5 bulan kerja as 'teacher' x)

Above all the incidents mentioned up there, I'd like to thank GOD for this beautiful life :) Yes, indeed, being single is not a problem but the process of being one is tough. There were many hills, many valleys that I've to go through but that is life, right. And thanking GOD for carrying me through :') Thanks to the LORD for the chance of being a blogger, too. I've met many people from all walks of life. How amazing. And, being a teacher is totally an awesome thing! I think most of my entries here explained them well already. Hihii. Life is beautiful, indeed.^^

Recalling back the resolutions, so far I've achieved few of them. YAY! 2014's resolution is to bond my relationship with my Creator, spend more time with family, lose some weight and accomplish dance mission :D By now, I've achieved 3 out 4! Hermahgerd, first time dapat capai azam. Hahaha..

None of the days I lived is without prayers, and that makes me feel so close to Him. Like He is there all the time for me! I know He is always there but when there is no communication, it's hard to feel Him as if He is not in your heart. So this year started off with this because I know everything will be OK if I walk with Him, according to His ways ^^

Yes, I lost my weight :D 
Now I'm putting back on the clothes I couldn't fit before. Haha! Happiness overload!! Think I've lost about 1 inch of my waist :P Back to size 28 & 29, perhaps ^^ And the resolution now is to maintain that. Not too big, not too small. Hahahaha. Apa aku merapu nii. Lol xD

Dance mission. Well, to be frank it is not accomplished as how it should be. ZUMBA has been added to the daily routine now and it is done for a total of 1 hour 30 minutes every weekdays. So basically, on Saturdays and Sundays I won't be doing anything to rest my body. Not being too hard on myself. Kekeke.. I think so far I've choreographed 2 dances? Yea, 2. Hihihi. Bahagianya rasa!! XD

Whereas for blog, I've achieved 3 out of 6! :D Actually there's 7 resolutions, but I cancelled out the 7th because I don't want to put in any ads after reading lots of complains about the inappropriate pictures shown. Man, not going to pollute my blogg.. :/ So yep; kurangkan entry luahan jiwang, kekalkan design blog for at least 3 months, kekalkan nama blog. Yes, achieved!! :D

So, 2014, so far so good :D Haha! Life is beautiful, indeed ^^ Nothing much to say to May, but hope for a better life :D Have a great day, people. Have a blessed holiday :D And thanks for reading this super long entry. Hiks!

Great blessings,