April 02, 2014

Tell Me Your Opinions!


Here's what happened in school recently. Was discussing about fruits with the kids and what he answered is quite surprising!

Pointed to the picture of that fruit above and asked;

What fruit is this? Ba....?

'Minion, teacher. It's Minion fruit! Ba ba ba ba.. Ba ba ba ba..'


I can say that their mind has been polluted a little bit too much. He even argued about it's banana or minion fruit. Like, seriously??

What is your point of view?? This seems to be something quite serious, tho. 

I mean, these are the ones that's going to be our leader in future! :O

Okay, yes, it's quite cute but something is definitely not right kalau first thing in mind is MINION kan?? Or my sense terlebih sensitif?? Haha! Isk.


  1. Hahahahahhaa ba ba ba babanana~
    hehehehe betul lah tu minions :p hihihihi.
    kak vee i think u should sing a long the song with them hehehehe. :D

  2. Hahaha... I heard my daughter talked about MINIONS earlier this evening.. honestly, it sound familiar but i really don't have any idea what it is before... I guess it does pollute their minds in a way hahahaahaha... except for... they are still a child... sooner or later they will find out the truth about that banana.... hahahaahha... I can't imagine they argued with you about the fruit hahahaaha... must really be so cute... :D

  3. Hahaha that's true ! My support is yours :D

  4. if sponge, it would be sponegbob...

  5. budak2 cam tu la vee... kalo bab kartun memang ingat sgt semua benda dah jadi macam dunia kartun dah :) those are the thing they will laugh about bila depa membesaq nanti. hikhik

  6. setuju sangat vee..
    banana also reminde me minion ya he..he