April 23, 2014

Superb Reminiscences

Hello, bello, jello! Greetings from Borneo :D

Last night, I was 'strolling' around my facebook and decided to view my timeline as others and ended up scrolling from yesterday's post until my very first post in Facebook. Haha! I find it pretty awesome cos I managed to look back into my past and so far, I've been into relationships for 3 times. Eh? I thought I only have 2 exes so far. Haha. Whuts? -.-

Then as I scroll down further up, I came across my tagged pictures back in the year 2010. Few event pictures and mostly with the church members. These few days, I was listening to the Christmas songs and funny how I got so emotional upon listening to them. It's like there's something behind the songs.

And for sure, I miss all of them. I miss getting busy preparing for Christmas with them!
6 of us who presented a drama for Christmas entitled Mr Scrooge. There's some quite funny story behind all these things tho. Haha. Recalling back, we actually prepared every single thing for this about 1 week. Yeap, it took us 1 week for the sequence, script, costumes, etc. 

Back in the previous year, we actually had a drama presentation as well but it's a Biblical drama; based on the scriptures. Another funny thing about it is we had everything prepared in 1 day. Hahaha! We planned it for quite a while but as the actual day creep in closer, we were not stable with some forgotten scripts so right on the spot, we decided to make a narrated drama. I was the chosen narrator.

As usual; costumes, script, background pictures, background music, sound effects, everything was prepared in less than 24 hours. HAHA. But amazingly, it came out perfect :P Still not sure though, those were really compliments or just mau ambil hati? Hahaha. Merapu!

This was a shot during a BGR camp. When you see this picture, it looks like we're in a studio right? Haha. Actually it's just a shot opposite a white wall. And what a coincidence, our outfits seemed planned! Planned so well, eh? Haha..

And if you notice, I was a lot more slimmer. Or maybe not? Oh wait, I just put on this pink striped shirt; it fitted me well; seperti dulu. And that means I lost weight!! ;D *happy dance* Hikss!!

Actually there's a lot more pictures waiting to be uploaded together with the stories, tapi perlahan-lahanlah merangkak ^^ I really miss all of them. Like, seriously I do T__T Hope to see them soon, hope to talk to them again and hope to cooperate with them again, anytime soon :')

Have a nice day ahead. 



  1. wah vee skrg dah blakun teater plak.. good2...
    btw nampak kurus giler..apa rahisa..
    ok waithing ur next entry...jangan x uplode pic banyak2 ya

  2. You a lot slimmer before yet no worries cause you still beautiful as always...(^_^)

  3. seronokkan throwback,hehe. kenang zaman-zaman dulu,rindunya,uhuk uhuk