April 14, 2014

In Your Eyes

Hello, everyone ^^ Peace be upon you!

As I go on with life nowadays, I begin to see crazy things. For instance, people getting pissed or jealous at you over nothing. Or over some silly things. And it got me thinking..

What am I to you, depends on how you look at me. If you look at me as your competitor, then I am your competitor. If you look at me as an enemy, then I am your enemy. Your competitor and enemy that you created yourself. The sad truth is you're actually being an enemy and competitor towards yourself; through your mind.
Sometimes, it's just how we react towards people around. Often, when people see other people better than them, they'll say these people are trying to show them that they are better. But often too, it's a wrong perception. One must remember, there are tons of people out there who are better than us. So when you see better people, be inspired.

The best competition is competing with yourself. Make others not your competitor but your inspiration to be better. If you want to be the best, fight with who you were in your past. Furthermore, we complete each other with our talents. Imagine the world when everyone plays the guitar. Who is going to sing, dance, play the bass, drum, etc? Born with different talents/gifts to complete each other. That's us ^^

For a positive life, we have to see things positively; regardless our situations. Things may get tough but we could overcome it only if we look at it positively. Whereas for a positive relationship, you have to see others positively, accept them positively ^^ 

If you see me as your lover, then I am. If you see me as your friend, then I am. If you see me as drama queen, then I am. I can't change that because it's all on you. You are controlling yourself :) So to make your life easier and happier, just see me as your lover.

But you cant own me. Hahaha.

You have the power to see people anyhow you want, but you too have the power to give impression towards others. Often we are judged by first impression, so it's in your hand. It's a win-win situation.. Hmm. Apa aku merapu sebenarnya?? Bleh. The message is, be positive. Haha!

Love and peace,


  1. people always seeking for the mistake of others and never see the broken side of them :)

  2. it's just how we react towards people around...
    Yes dancing queen. Hehe. Senang cerita. Tolong lah manusia sekarang ni positive thinking pleasseee TT_TT


  3. true indeed... how can we please everyone ?

  4. Ayoyoyo! Seram pandang mata tu. Haha!

    Yeah Vee, life is easy. Don't mess with our happy life! Haha.

  5. wah vee..baca entry english memalam buta ni.. rasa mcm berpinar mata..need help google traslip ;P HE..HE..

  6. Kacak na header kitak sis. Tulisan apa ya bha.

    1. HAHA. Serious kacak? Kmk nangga ya sikda feel eh. Rasa kedak emotion-less benda ya. Ahaks..