April 06, 2014

Focus of Life

Hiii :D

Did you realized it's been a while since the last I typed out things like this over here? My blog has been set to private cos I don't want people to come over without getting a visit-back from me. That's kinda cruel, don't you think so? Haha!

Anyway, there's one important lesson that I learnt this week, regarding focus of life.

Focus, what's our main focus in life? Focus on money, studies, people, etc? Well, not saying it's wrong but there is something BIGGER that we have to focus on.

It's Him, our own Creator. You see, when we focus on Him, listen to His voice; we'll definitely walk along with Him without departing. When our eyes are set on Him, things will be smooth. Of course, there will be some hills and mountains along the way but where do we put our focus on while strolling over the mountains?

When your eyes are set on Him, the mountains are just a piece of cake to you. Focus on Him, love like Him, see things around like Him ^_^ No problem is bigger than my God!



  1. yup mesti kena focus untuk dapat apa yang kita mahu :)

  2. True sis Vee <3 It's HIM to be focused on kan. Hehe
    thank you!!! :)