April 19, 2014

Decreasing ... T_T

Hi, happy Saturday!! If you notice, I ramble a lot about my blog's resolution lately. Almost in every post, I'll be like apa nak jadi with my resolution to post up an entry per day. At least 1! Today I got the chance to really look into my blog. And wow, I'm quite "amazed". Yeah. Hahahaha!

You see! It's decreasing day by day. Like seriously decreasing. It's the 19th of April yet my entries hanya 8. Hahaha. *piak piak piak*
Compare to the year 2013, most of the time my entries are more than the days in the month. And it showed that I actively write throughout the year, though some are less. Well, the breakup actually explains a lot about the piled up writings, and it's quite funny though :P

Funny when I reflect back, I was so emotional and left out typing nonsense. Hahaha.. Kecewanya masa itu. And out there is also a compilation of my happy moment with ex, from the first time till the last time. I didn't plan to delete them (at the moment) bcos this blog is mainly about myself.

Happy moments to the saddest moments, most of them are pasted here. And, the process of growing up too. Hewhew.. I miss being like that. Not to say being too open to public but how I really write here.. But this year, something better has to be written here. :D

I do have the intention to write, but at times the ideas simply drift away. Trust me, I've tons of them written in my notebook but when come to typing, nothing feels right. Like, whuts.

So bloggers out there, I seriously need your help. Inspire me to write more, please. Haha!!

Have a blessed Saturday! 

Love and peace,


  1. sometimes the time constraints and writers block that lead to the decreasing part dear... I am also experiencing it....

  2. kira okey kitak ey, kamek paling banyak setakat tuk, 14 entry, bulan mac. haha

  3. well, fae pun lebih kurang sama ngan Vee hahaha

  4. i feel like you too..wanna post at least a post a day...yet the 'malas' virus always came...hahahaha plus lot of time spend on,just take your will be able to catch the beat later....i always waiting to read your new post...have fun blogging....(^_^)

  5. oh kenak...xpa..biasa la ya adat berblogging ada kalanya mood menjunam. kelak kompom nait lg entry nya..gogogo vee

  6. setuju vee,,slalu tlis kat blog mana ada draff apa..spontan je..x reti la nak karang2 kat note lpas tu nak wat entry..slalu jadi sendiri..

  7. write about me please! hahahaha :D

  8. Haha. Don't worry Vee. Esok lusa ada semula idea banyak-banyak. Nanti tulis banyak-banyak. Post banyak-banyak. Ya!

  9. saya dalam sebulan entri x lebih daripada 12 je..haha..tu pun kalau rajin nak update.