April 27, 2014

... because life is like the wheels!!

... like the wheels; sometimes we're up and sometimes we'll be down! We just have to embrace the moments, they said :P Anyway, hi and hello everyone! Greetings in the love of God ^_^ 

Earlier on, I clicked on my label 'love' here and it brought me to the my old entries. I knew that it would bring me to the entries where I was so devastated and in love, but heck, who cares. Nak baca jugak! Haha.

After spending a long time reading them, I began to recall back how painful it was to be dumped by the person you love. Well in my case, the person I once LOVED. Mark that. It was painful to the extend that I felt like I wanted to die and just be in heaven. Really, everything in the world looked hurtful by then! 

But as I read them NOW, I began to realize that life is completely a wheel that cycles from our first breath to the last - non stop! As we all know how the wheels are, it goes up and down because it won't be moving if it is not up or down. So it has to be that way. 

And that is how life is. There will be the moment of happiness and also sorrows. We just have to embrace them and cherish every moment. Do not be so into any of the situations because it won't last a last time. Why? Because everlasting happiness will only be felt in heaven. 

In hard times, don't be so negative but keep on moving and stay positive. Remember that the Lord is always by our side and will never forsake us. The key is PRAYER. For an inner healing, prayer is important. And bare in mind, everything happen for reasons. Sooner or later, everything will make perfect sense! ^_^

Whereas in happy times, cherish it but don't dwell in too much as it might lead to overwhelming sadness. Just cherish the moment and be happy! One more, don't forget to thank GOD for the happiness because HE was the one who pulled you through your hardships :)

So fellas, remember the wheels! And don't be too hard on yourself! Have a blessed Sunday :)



  1. me also has been in the situation..dumped by the only one i loved before..
    and yet it give me special strength to move on and be not afraid of what will coming in the future..:)

    1. In my case, it's quite different. Now I'm quite scared to fall in love bcos I dont want to have that painful feeling anymore. T_T

    2. How do you know that you are going to feel the pain again? may be it will be different this time? Hahahaahaha.... don't be scared... to fall in love is fun or what... and make it fun whahahahaha... good luck Vee :D

  2. Love this post Vee! You are such a positive person :)

  3. agreed with you.. life must go on... :) very nice entry

  4. hai Vee,,, nampak nya dah boleh overcome the pain... thats how life is.. hoping you will find your true love soon dear :)