April 18, 2014

[30DBC] Day #9: Your Favorite Thing To Do Right Now

Hello, hello, hi :D First and foremost, happy (public) holiday to all of you out there! :D I know, it's coming to the end but better late than never, kan. Haha! Was mingling around the blog and had no idea what to type out, but I just have to because it's been a while since I last posted!

It's driving me nuts, because I've so many ideas in my head all the time but as I place my hand on the keyboard; nothing feels right. Rasa tak kena, rasa tak sesuai, etc. Then I came across this 30DBC thing, baru teringat. Hiahii.. Panjangnya mukadimah! It's okay lah kan, lama dah tak baca entry IOLSS kan. Haha. Sorry, Kak +Farah Waheda Wahid , Vee pinjam word kejap ek xD

So back to the topic! I don't really get this topic because I've no idea what it wants. Hahaa. Now as in right now or  simply my life at the moment?? But as mentioned in the previous entry, I'll type out what I get lah yer.. :B So literally, what I like to do now is DANCING. 
Dancing turtle - google's image -
Duh, I'm dancing QUEEN; haruslah berdansa. Hahaha.. *piak!!* What can I say eh, dancing ni my passion so I just can't resist dancing. Haha. Any songs played, I'll be like *left right yea yea yea* LOL :p I just like it, and well, yes. Hahahaha..

Omakkkk, apa aku merapu ni. Kakaka! I dont know what else to say, so thanks for reading?? XD Gotta push myself more to create more beneficial entry. Ahakss. Lama dah tak update entry yang ada isi. Hiks.

Eh, yang ni takda isi ka? Ada kot?? Eh. 

Love and peace yaw!!


  1. Hey.. it's been quite a long time havn't been ere... Selamat ber weekend to u too.. btw... i was wondering... why didn't u join the DANCE program yg ada kat Astro sekarang ni? or you've already gone to the audition hahahaha...

    Cilexx Vee (pinjam word +Farah Waheda Wahed too) it's weird... me too feels the same thing... idea banyak kadang-kadang nak tulis itu dan ini but bila bukan writing pad... nak tulis intro pon tak tertulis hahahaaha... susah jugak nak menulis dengan hati ni :D

    1. Haha. Yep, it's been a while!! And nope, I didnt went to the audition. In fact, I've no idea about that thing. LOL! But even if I know, I wouldnt go cos that kind of thing is not really my thing. For now, Im dancing for satisfaction and not to compete. Hihiks..

  2. dancing turtle ah... ahhaah... very cute.

    1. Hehehe ada cerita disebalik dancing turtle actually. Haha!

  3. Ok.. gambar turtle tu cukuppppp -,-"