March 03, 2014

Tr.V's Highlight: My Head Fell Down!

Hello, hi :D Welcome back to blogger, teacher Vee. Hiks.

Few days ago, I asked a little boy in the kindy about his religion. I asked if he goes to church or temple; in other words, Christian or Buddhist but then he answered me 'No, I don't use pampers' instead. Remember that? Haha. Something to cherish.

Today, he came over to kindy with a bruise on his forehead, right on his right eyebrow so as a caring *ehem* teacher (or mother to be exact), I asked what happened before applying a cream specially for bruises like that.

ME: NT, what happened to your forehead?
NT: My forehead? 
ME: Yes. What happened?
NT: My head fell down....
ME: What? Haha. Your head fell down?
NT: Yes.. I was running then my head fell down.. *innocent face*
ME: Hahaha okay, let's put some medicine. *laughs all the way to the kitchen*
Google's - Laughing Panda -
Can you imagine his head rolling on the floor?? Kahahaha.. Omo. Kids and their understanding.. Is so cute. Lols! Gotta remember this :D And it actually reminds me of my own 'accident' when I was about 5 years old (his age). I was running around a huge building then hit my head on the square pillar. It bled and I had 3 stitches. The scar is still there, up to this day.. xD

When I see them, I actually ask myself; beginikah aku dahulu kala? Haha.. 


  1. hahaha.. my head fall down.. kene letak gam gajah baru lekat btul2 ni..

  2. i had first scar when i was's on my leg n i will remain there forever. become part n parcel of my life..n i had the first cut when i was 19..hahaha

  3. hehehe...kesian..poor little boy!

    Vee mmg nakal pun sejak dulu, eh?

  4. akak pon still ada parut yang masa kecik kat dahi... makin tua makin jelas pulak kelihatan. tapi budak2 kan memang comel time bercakap.. akak selalu tipu budak2 tapi tipu ke arah kebaikan la.. hikhik

  5. my head fell down... memang epik ayat ni. haha. kalau saya ada kat situ, confirm dah terguling-guling gelak dah... mwahahahhahahahahhaha...! *tak baik betul gelak kat budak kecik* heheh..

  6. hahaha.. comel ja budak tu.. boleh pulak kepala dia jatuh.. hehe.. anne pun ada parut masa kecik, tp kt bawah dagu la.. tak nmpak sgt.. parut nakal bilang orang.. hehehe

  7. hahahaha. bukan diriknya yg gugok tapi palaknya. omg, cute!

  8. "my head fell down" ahaksss so kiut lah dis lil boy !
    parut nakal gittew hehe

  9. the boy- super lol
    imagine that you laugh like that panda- super duper lol!