March 17, 2014

Tidal Bore @ Sri Aman

Hello.. Peace be upon you :D

Memories, oh.. Memories.. 

Left to right; brother, me and Jon. Back in 2010 where we had a huge Christian conference involving Ibans from all over Sarawak. The conference has been held annually for the past 16 years, and I can say the one in 2010 was the best! :D

Was involved in dancing ministry during this event.. Vee, the 2nd one from left ;) Zaman masih tecik.. Hahaha. Body waktu itu memang slim lah katakan, cos I was very active in dancing. I practiced for this event for about 4 months.. Kalau tak silap.

First picture sebenarnya gambar kami 3 se-geng menunggu Tidal Bore. It was my first time witnessing it and seriously, fantastic babeh!! At first when I was told ada 'benak' nanti, I was like what in the world is benak..? Then soon, zoosshhh! The water started to rise. Muahaha, the river laughed. Kidding. Haha.

Fenomena tidal bore. Short brief la k.. Tidal bore ni sebenarnya fenomena yang berlaku apabila air dari hulu bertembung dengan yang dari hilir. Kalau tak silap gitulah explanationnya. Memang ohsem giler!! Siapa sangka, air yang tenang dan clear boleh jadi Neslo, deras and tinggi in a blink of an eye!
View before the tidal bore.. It's very rare and so far, it happens only in Sri Aman, Sarawak (for Malaysia). Whereas outside Malaysia, I know Brazil has this.. If you are wondering how is the phenomenon, watch this video down here. Took it from x)
The video was taken during the Tidal Bore Festival. Yes, we have the festival ;) Most foreigners tend to travel here during the festival to surf. It is amazing, they said. I never try, so no comment. Hahaha.. 

Anyways, the main point of this entry is I miss Sri Aman and my fellow buddies. Separated for few years already. How I missed serving the Lord with them. The time will come where we will gather together again. Definitely :) Treasure each time you have, fellas..

Blessed to bless,
Vanessa Ricky


  1. I got new knowledge here. Thank you, Vee ;)

  2. Cikgu pun blom pernah tengok sendiri Benak nih.. rasa2 cam tahun nak kena pegi tengok nih.. ;)

  3. Eh kak vee sama mcm one of my bff ehehehe. She is iban and sarawakians and christian catholic!!!
    Dia ada cerita ada conference gak dulu hihiih. '
    True true true :D the time will come, sooner or later.... :D hehe

  4. and nowww u mengembang so fast. haha :P
    aww i love dancing too tp since masuk secondary school dah x active skolah rendah je.. skolah rendah buat apa kan? hahaha..

    God bless..

  5. lama dah akak tak singgah blog vee nie...

  6. next time gi sri aman bleh laa singgah rmh kmk vee....hahaha (^_^)