March 01, 2014


Hi hello there :D Sabtuday is back! And it's the first day of March. Time flies really fast!! Sedar tak sedar, dah masuk bulan March. Why, why, so fast?? Lols. I don't wanna leave Krista that fast, k! Haha..

By the way, so grateful for today because I finally can wake up later than usual. 2 hari berturut-turut dah tidur for about 45 minutes and stay awake for the rest of the day. Penat  tak payah cakap la, tapi kepenatan hanya dirasai after work because before that, too busy to feel the tiredness. Haha.

Today, nothing much to do. Going off to Crossway for some dancing stuffs. Kikiki.. Have a blessed Sabtuday! Muahhsss!!

#Sabtuday reminds me of how the kids tend to write Khursday every Thursday whenever they want to write Khamis. Haha. Beribu kali padam, beribu kali jugalah dorang tulis Khursday.. Sabo je la..... ~_~


  1. aiyooo.. kejap bebeno tido.. x ting tong ker?

  2. bestlh dpt bgun lewat.. zam hr ni n esok tak dpt cuti.. kna gak bgn awal mcm biasa

  3. Khursday? Dah bunyi macam Curseday.. Hehehe..

  4. Yes. Time flies freaking fast T_T
    Khursday? Hahahah.
    Heyyyyy dancing queen. May everything goes well :D
    Dont forget too rest yaaaaa

  5. 2 hari tido..amboii..besh ke tido..mimpi pe?

  6. sabtuday eh. ticer vee ni...boleh tahan lorat. kids always make us lough eh. tp kekadang buat kita bertukar jadi hulk too. Vee ajar budak mesti mcm2 kerenah jumpa

  7. today already sunday.. hope its never too late to wish happy sabtuday.. :)