March 24, 2014

Risk of Sleeping With Wristband

Hello, kopi ke milo? :D

Y'know, lately I tend to go out with some bangles on me cos without them I feel so empty. Like, only my watch while the other hand is empty - it doesn't feels good for only God knows what! Lol.. Most of the time I'd put on the Sarawak traditional bracelet but found it inconvenient as I've to put on, take it off, then put on again. Grr, over fussy pulak!

So, since then I decided to put on wristband. Coincidentally, I found a special wristband given by another dad from Norway. Yea, what I mean by another dad is another one; not Ã˜ystein A :P His name is Paul. Yes, daddy angkat saya memang berlambak :B The wristband from him is pretty special as it was given by him and I loved the text displayed on it. Hewhew.

I've put it on for the past 3 weeks and not even once has taken it out. I like it on my arm and it's simply waterproof, that's why I love it :D However, there's one 'stumbling block' about it is this wristband is loose. Why I say it's stumbling block because it risked my arm; or life to be exact!

I went to bed with it on and woke up the next morning to find this!
I'm not a medical person but I was taught that having something too tight like bands or anything on any parts of our body is not good as it will slow down the blood flow, eventually staunch it. As I've mentioned, the wristband IS loose so it actually has been dragged to the biggest part of my arm that fits the whole band. This is definitely not good as you can see, the part from the mark above is quite pale and even more pale on the mark itself!!

I am blessed enough that the part above did not 'die' without the blood flowing through. Heh! So what I'm trying to say is, make sure you take off any bands that's on you before bed time. It's not good!! Tapi gua sendiri masih pakai sampai hari ini.

Prevention is better than cure!
Vanessa :B


  1. helo helo nak milooo hihiihi.
    Omg.... T_T Forgot about the risk. Thanks kak vee for reminding me. Hm.
    Betul, memang takleh main main kan. Habis berbekas. And
    Yes please. Prevention is so much more better! :D Hihi

  2. Vee! Nak Sarawak Traditional bracelet 1!

  3. ha..ha.. macam-macam le teacher vee ni :P
    selamat hari isnin..ada ke? :P

  4. sama la..kadang2 tu tido dengan jam ada kat tangan..bangun pagi nampak bekas jam tu..huhu