March 16, 2014

Malaysia, Satukan Hatimu!

Hello, hello; kopi ke milo?? :D

As we all know, sekarang Malaysia masih hot dengan issue MH370 yang hilang tu kan. It's very mysterious, I must say! With so many speculations, even I myself got confused with the news out there.. One moment says it is confirmed hijacked, another moment says it's not. And that is the reason why I refused to make a review on it over the blog.. 

Since this case appeared, #prayforM370 has been trending for days.. We even see banners, even kites on the sky in the evening. How creative! And how supportive!! When I was 'strolling' in Facebook, I saw a picture from last night's match between Sarawak and Lions.. 

Yes, Malaysia. Enough with all bragging about whose fault, etc.. Let the authority handle this case. And we, as normal citizens, let's raise our hands and pray. Malaysia, satukan hatimu :)

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day.

Blessed to bless,
Vanessa Ricky

Tak salah kalau nak kongsikan pendapat cuma jangan melampau..


  1. #ohyeahh sarawak menang mlm tek. Disayot sajo.. hahaha.

    pray for MH370. jz pray jak mampu kita tok ....

  2. Agree! One heart one direction!

  3. satu bangsa, satu hati, satu jiwa gitu ae ;)

  4. sepatutnya bila musibah berlaku kpd Malaysia.. kita bersatu tanpa batasan agama/bangsa/politik .... tp sedih bila hal ni ada pihak yg ambil peluang untuk menghasut untuk perpecahan.. sedih sgt

  5. Creative la pulak, banner tu kan...?

    Apa-apa pon, lets pray...