March 13, 2014

Kindy | I Have A Flower For U!

Eloha. Greetings from the Land of Hornbils to whoever that reads this!

After posting up the 3rd topic for the 30DBC, I received few comments like "why until 6pm?" and "is your tadika like a nursery". Okay, I get what is in your mind because I mentioned about their nap time. Well to be exact, our kindy is a kindergarten but we have a daycare. 

In the morning, everything goes on like any other kindy. They learn according to subjects each day but in the afternoon, they have nap time. It's what we call daycare. It's also to make parents' life easier because they don't have to think of where to send them after school hours in the afternoon. Almaklumlah, parents now bekerja siang ke malam.

In the afternoon, it's more to fun activities. After shower, they sleep then short revision at 4pm. By 4:30pm, it's fun time!! Like today, we had bubble play. Bukan students je yang berseronok. Teachers pun excited sekali. Rasa gembira itu terbit bila melihat anak didik gembira :D Only at this time we could see the sincere smile/laughter from kids.

Ada yang pendiam sampai nak ambil attendance pun kena cari orangnya because tak dengar bila dia cakap 'yes, teacher'. Haha. Homeii! Tapi kadang-kadang meletus gak. Speak louder, please!! Louder nya naik 0.5% jerkk. Ateiii.. Saboorr! - menyimpang pulak -

SO, yes. That's my answer to your questions :D Hope it's clear :D Hehehe. If you're interested to send your kids to our kindy, feel free to do so. I'm sure they'll have tons of fun with ME us. :P

Conclusion; it's a kindergarten. Not a taska/nursery :)

Since we're talking about kindy, right.. I ter-remember last week's incident. It was a hard day and I can say one of the most stress day ever because I had to handle a hyperactive boy. His hyperactive is different than others.. Orang lain tu nakal, nakal jugak tapi tak sampai kacau orang. So, he had a personal bodyguard and that's me, TEACHER VANEEZIA. Suka jiwa kau tukar nama orang.

So, back to the story.. I was at the TV hall, handling about 50+ kids ALONE when Little Joe suddenly come and;

Joe: Teacher!
Me: Yes, Joe *pandang sekilas*
Joe: Teacheerr, look at meee...!
Me: Yes, JCKS! (full name)
Joe: *whispers* I have a flower for you.. ;)
Me: Huh? Where?
Joe: I have a flower for you. Upstairs :D I'll show you later! *kisses my cheek*

Nap time in the upper room:
Joe: Teacher, that's a flower for you! :D *shows the flower drawn on whiteboard*
Me: Daawww.. Okay, thankss :D
Joe: I love you :D
Me: Love you too, sweets! 

Mueheheehe.. Ada sayunya di situ! Though it's not a real flower but when a little kid ada fikiran yang sebegitu, it really touch my heart :'D Lagi-lagi that very last sentence; I love you! ........... *melts down* Kids kalau dah berbicara, memang ikhlas :"D 

Pst.. No boyfriend, no problem. I have my anak! ^_^

Thanks for reading. ;)



  1. The boy is so sweet!

    Thank you for answering my question. hehe :D

    1. HE IS! Like his momma here.. :p

    2. bahaya ni..ada tokoh romeo disitu,..hahahahhahha

    3. Hahaha tak pa, janji hati senang ;D

  2. in korea, if i am x mistaken, students are allow to nap for about 20 minutes.
    if i do this in my class, its x gonna napping anymore..
    they gonna sleep till the end of the lesson..haha

    1. Haha that's why they don't nap in the class during lessons but they have their own specific time :) They will be excited to wake up cos they'll have fun later.. Hihi.

  3. omg joe is being super sweet lah kak eeee. Nak anak cemtu jugak hihihihi.
    yeap. When a child thinks like that and says love to us T_T <3
    so touched haihhhh hihi

  4. so sweet,, mesti die syg sgt kat cikgu vee =) hati budak sgt tulus..

  5. sweet..bestnya jadi teacher kindergarten,dpt spend time ngn miak kcik ilang stress...

  6. alahai sweetnya stdent theacher vee.. walaupun kcil.. owh tersentuh..
    byakkan bsabar teacher vee biasalah karenah bdak2 :P

  7. budak kecik tok innocent, sincere and pure.. hehe. kiut ada jak ehhh... hehe

  8. kena banyak sabar ngan karenah nemiak kan..p,ada masa gelik ati juak ngan perangey sidak

  9. the little Romeo and he's so lovely! hahahaha