March 20, 2014


Hello, there. Peace be upon you, bloggers! ;) Went 'missing' for 3 days due to internet problem and now I'm back with a huge smile on face! :D Missed you all, and I missed typing here too! 

But still, I see the hikmah disebalik internet problem. Haha.. Went for educational trip with the kids for 2 days straight because I was asked to assist for 2 of our centers and dang! It was pretty exhausting!! Lagi-lagi on the 2nd day because it rained heavily and we had to payungkan budak-budak from the bus to the museum. Yes, we went to the museum ;)

It was THAT exhausting that I could not stay awake in the afternoon, dan I did not bring along my coffee. Had to stay awake by the help of water. Nak tulis report students pun stueng.. Macam mana mau karang ayat?? How to say 'tidak puas hati' in English pun kena check dictionary. Hahahah. Epicness overload!

Today off from duty. Oh heaven gila dapat tidur until 9:30 am :D Then nap in the afternoon. Adeh.. But ada kebosanan tak layan karenah budak. No name callings, takda yang 'teacher, this', 'teacher, that', 'teacher V, may I go to toilet, pls?', or 'Kids, sleep now'. Haha.. Sunyi. Layan lagu 'Gummy Bear' jak lah x)
Anyways, this is just a little announcement that I'm back! Rasa PM pula. Haha.. Everything is going back to normal as usual by tomorrow ^_^

I know you missed me, I missed you too!! ;D

Blessed to bless,
Vanessa Ricky


  1. Welcome back to world of blogging!

  2. waaaaaaaa Smartan Da's here first.. No wonder haven't seen u for a while :D

    1. Hehe! You're 1 hour and 30 mins late :)

  3. welcome back! heeee. Miss you indeed! :D Happy blogging ktk ;)