March 25, 2014

[30DBC] Day #8: 5 Things From Your Bucket List

Hi :D Tadi gigih cakap kat FB yang admin #heavensgift diserang hendap oleh gastric so the 30DBC has to be delayed, but I ended up here anyway. Haha.. Syukur, after 30 minutes of sleep the pain disappeared completely :D So today's lesson is never ever eat any spicy food (even a little) with an empty stomach! Hmph!! 

And I'm here to make the auto-publish entry :D Anyways, happy Tuesday!! Pantasnya masa berlalu. I've been saying this many times, because YES, I think masa itu berlalu dengan terlalu pantas. Don't you think so?? ~_~

So, 5 things from my bucket list. Oh-kay!

- First and foremost, I want to celebrate Christmas in Paris. 
... With my husband :P Ahaks. Yes, with my husband. Future la kan. Mesti suweet. Dawwwwwwww.. *melting tak tentu pasal* Hahaha.. 

- Secondly, I've always wanted to watch water fountains, tak kisah Dubai or Vegas :D (Click on the link to know more about water fountains)
Dubai Water Fountains. Google's image.
- Third, I want to travel into a jungle where all sorts of animals live there (except for snakes!!) with few natives and make documentary about it. 

- Fourth, berjaya dengan cemerlang gemilang terbilang dalam bidang tarian :D Not for fame nor money, tapi demi kemuliaan Dia ^_^ Got the talent from Him, so I shall return it back by glorifying Him ;)

- Fifth, jadi makhluk Tuhan paling seksi. Berjaya in studies then I can live happily ever after.. :D 

Itu je kot? Hahaha.. Actually I've so many in mind, but at the moment ni je yg muncul :B

P/S I: The hard thing about being single is you'll get crushes all over. When you have crush, tak senang duduk kot; nak stalk dia je asal online ,__, Pastu jeles tak tentu pasal bila tengok dia communicate with other girls, padahal milik kita pun bukan. EH! Mintak penampor kot?? Haha!

P/S II: Quite disturbed with the latest news about MH370. Few online news mentioned it's lost while others said it's crashed. Gi mana sih? Which is true, nobody knows eh. Apa pun, we still have hope!! We never know. By looking at the depth and how rough is the sea, it seems impossible. Like, seriously imposibru but nothing is not possible with God! Ameenn for that?? :)

Live by faith and not by sight!
Vanessa Ricky


  1. Omg finally you got to be makhlukk tuhan yg paling seksi hahaha. Kak vee why u're being so funny haihhh hihi. Would love to see you dancing hehe. And nak gi Paris jugak hmm. Mmg awesomeeeeeeeeee

  2. yang nombor satu tu nanti ajak akak sekali..hehe :D

  3. If you want to celebrate Christmas in Paris please don't forget to tag me along...wargh kah kah...

  4. baca entry vee..teringat siri 5 girl with 5 list bucket..
    i wiss smuanya akan tercapai..tambah2 yg paris tu owesome :P

  5. Love the first three things :)