March 22, 2014

[30DBC] Day #7: Siblings

Haii :D Peace be with you! :D

Back to the challenge with another interesting topic :D As I've mentioned before, I'm the youngest child in my family. So, I've an elder brother and a sister as well. 

Left to right: JBR, YJR, VLR :D

Nothing much to say about them, I mean, I don't want to talk much about them here as I wish to keep info about them low. So.. Both of them are the priceless treasure I have, besides my parents. They are the ones that I turn to when I have questions and also to get information, mainly on studies and love :P 

Both of them has been in love and out of love way earlier than me, so basically they know how it feels, etc.. In terms of studies, they pursued studies earlier than me as well, so yes of course they know more! :) JBR is currently studying in UNIMAS, Degree in Music. Yes, his hair explains. Haha. 'Pemuzik rambutnya memang harus panjang'. Kahkahkah! Ogeh, whatever :P YJR pula, menunggu intake for degree - pun sama in UNIMAS ;)

About their characters, you just have to see me :P If you think I'm quite a jovial kind of person, that's how they are ;D Penyakat, loyar buruk - itulah kami. Hahahaha.. 

Love them to bits!!

Blessed to bless,
Vanessa Ricky