March 21, 2014

[30DBC] Day #5: Someone Who Does Not Live In Your Country

Hello! Waddup, earthlings! Happy Friday ;) 

For this topic, I've so many people in mind. Too many to be exact, but I decided to pick one who has a special place in my heart. I mean, all of them are special but this man is a bit more special. Haha.. If you get me!

This is Øystein (Pronounce: Ooi-sta-en). Unique name isn't it? :D He's a Norwegian and we met long time ago because he's like a regular visitor to my previous church. He's a missionary and travels a lot; to the entire world and that explains why he visited our church before :)

Well to be honest, Øystein is like a father to me. How he treats me, how we joke around, how we talk to each other; he simply holds some resemblance of a father to me. It's been a while since we last talked to each other face to face and to be frank, I missed it! 

He taught us singing before and that was the first time I had a vocal class to be exact. Aha. Since then, I started practicing them myself till one day I realized I am able to make the SATB, to harmonize the song. Who should I thank?? First, God; for giving me the talent and secondly, of course Daddy O; for he taught me before. Hihihi. 

Now, each time a specific song is played in the car or whenever we sing that song, I'd remember him. Pretty nostalgic! I remember we had dinner @ the Pastor's house where Daddy O played the piano while I sing. I remember how it simply flows. I sang out the 2nd voice automatically without practice and I was like; huh..? 

Rindu gila!! The last time we met was in the year 2011 and that's when we took this picture :) How I wished I could fly off to Norway now T_T Missed him to bits and most of all, I miss his huuuuuge hug!! 

P/S I: Seronok ada daddy dari luar. Haha..
P/S II: Anak lelaki dia ganteng!! Alang-alang dah jadi anak angkat, nak jadi menantu boleh?? Hahaha!

Have a nice day!

Blessed to bless,
Vanessa Ricky


  1. Amboi. Nak anak dia punla. Hehehehe.

    ZH Blogger

  2. selamat pagi
    pagi nie lambat singgah
    baru lepas assembly

  3. untunglah ada daddy dari luar...he he he...

  4. yeahh.. he looks like a really nice person... comel tu dpt anak mata biru.. hehehe

  5. hehehe...2011...Gosh! its really been a while..huhuhu....

  6. whoaa nice experience for u to met daddy from norway haha.
    gigi pun sama kamek nangga :D

  7. eipp eipp yang last last tu kenapa tu hihihi. ganteng gila kot this uncle. hihihi. confirm lah anak dia pun ganteng hihihi.
    wahhhhhh. tunggu apa lagi kak vee. go fly to norwayyyy hehehehhe <333