March 17, 2014

[30DBC] Day #5: 3 Things U Like About Your Personality

Howdy, all! :D Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend, like I did :D

Seriously, the questions in this challenge is CHALLENGING. Like, you've no idea what they really want. Duhh. Or, memang ni motif kot, nak kita digest sendiri and think of what to write. Perhaps they want to see our thoughts on it. Hmm. Buleey bha kalau kaw.

#1: I'm not a shy person :D Yes, ini saya suka because I can easily express myself and be myself among the crowds. It takes just a little time to get used to my surrounding, though I am alone. Rasa malu itu tetap ada, cuma tak malu di khalayak ramai. And this gives me more chance to stand in crowd. I can speak on stage without much problem, except nervousness - a little :P Muehehe..

#2: Cool. Meow, cool itu saya. Hahaha.. This can be seen since I started working in kindy. Marah, geram semuanya ada but I managed to handle them without melepaskan geram terhadap mereka. Semarah mana pun, segeram mana pun, I still can treat them like my own child - because kesedaran yang mereka masih kecil itu ada. Dan, because I is sangat cool. Yaw :P Cool dalam hati.. x) *Kecuali masa breakup dulu, it takes time to cool down. Hahaha. Tak semudah itu nak bangkit dari kekecewaan bila cinta tidak kesampaaaiiiaannnn.. xD

#3: I is ceria. Muahaha.. Maybe it is not clearly seen through my writings here (I don't know why) but in reality I'm quite a happy go lucky girl. Ceria bertempatlah kiranya. Kalau waktu untuk serious, serious juga tapi masih ada waktu untuk melawak because that's just me. I hate too serious environment :P My keceriaan biasanya terlihat when I dance because dance is one of my way to keep myself happy, besides healthy ;D

Thanks for reading.

Blessed to bless,
Vanessa Ricky

What is your first impression about me when you hop into my blog? Through my writings, through my design, etc. Teringin gak nak tau.. Sila comment di bawah yer :D Dan mohon jangan kritik grammar errors because those grammar errors are purposely done!! :P


  1. i love u personality teacher vee..
    not shy person.. go luck dan ceria sokmo selalu..he..he. P

  2. teaching in secondary school taught me to be more patient..kena tahan sabar banyak2 :)

  3. belajaq mengenali diri sniri :)

  4. We are totally polar opposites. Jealous tengok orang yang punya personality macam awak.

  5. My 1st impression bout you is... you're happy go lucky. Seriously. I see it just through your writing. Dan memang ceria dah ada dlm list teacher V kan. And that's why I've become one of your followers. I like happy peoples. =)