March 15, 2014

[30DBC] Day #4: 25 Things 2 Do B4 Ur Next Birthday

Howdy, bloggers! ;)

Back to 30DBC, though I've been a little late. Hewhew. Tak apa, biar lambat asal tak cepat.. Hehe. The title for the 4th day of challenge is quite challenging, ehh.. 25 things? What to do? Dawh, sangat obvious my perancangan masih tak clear. Vee, vee.. I'll just write it up, lah k.. Hihii.

25 things to do before your next birthday:
That name is important ;) - Awat muka gituu -
  1. Get the sticker of Running Man pasted behind new phone (coming soon) :D
  2. Slim down! Muahahaha.. Tapi bila tengok muka pada zaman slim dulu, macam tak comel je.. -__-'
  3. Get my driving licence (?)
  4. Get my hair trimmed a lil and back to original color. So sayangs..
  5. Get my dancing book + new dance costumes & instruments
  6. A successful dance class - get my anak didik to memorize most of the patterns. And I, as the tutor, it's my tanggungjawab. So, Vee. Get on your feet.
  7. Try out using baby's shampoo (this is quite embarrassing actually. hahahahaha)
  8. Try out new hairstyle
  9. Meet up with Sarawakian bloggers, or non-Sarawakian too
  10. Get rid off all the pores & luka lama pimples 
  11. Watch at least 1 live match of Sarawak vs anyone
  12. Settle all the new year resolution
  13. Get a new phone :D With my own money. Ehem.
  14. Start my 'fried oreo' business
  15. Start my bookmark business
  16. Start baking for Unimas Orchestra team (^_^)
  17. Start choreographing more of my own dance(s)
  18. Get a proper pair of dancing shoe
  19. Start designing more costumes
  20. Join more mission trip (WAJIB!!)
  21. Travel together with bloggers (kelak ato nya. haha)
  22. Learn more basic mandarin (in the process :D)
  23. Get few different colors of jeans (most of my jeans are black -_-')
  24. Collect another 9 watches
  25. Get a new boyfriend. Hahahahahahha. No thanks.
  26. Smash my buddy with an egg on her birthday (failed to do so last year -.-)
#26 is added because #25 is rejected. HAHAHA. Motip?? :P

Thanks for reading.


What do you have in mind for the things you want to do before your next birthday?
Leave them in the comment box below ;)


  1. wah quite a long list dear however I wish you all the best!!!

    1. A long list but not sure how to accomplish some of them!! Lols. Thanks xo

  2. eh banyak tu Vee.. semoga tercapai terutamanya no.25 . jangan reject , sangat penting tuuu ..:P

    1. Hahahaha takda dlm perancangan pun, uncle. Lgpun, Vee tak mencari. Biar dtg sendiri. :D

  3. NO 6.if jadi..kmk mok jd ank murid.hehe.kmk masih kayu dance2 tok..:'D

    1. Haha.. On jak. Mdh jak bila maok. Cewah :P

  4. Reach your target step by step...Slow and steady urang Sabah bilang...haha..All the best for that...^_^

    1. There were random thoughts, really.. Haha. But I'll try to make one, though.. :D

  5. Whoahahaha... so many things want to accomplish???? Well.. if you can imagine it, you can have it in your hands right?...
    p/s: can't believe u dont hav a bf yet... :D

    1. Hahaha u gotta believe it now!! :P Yes, it's the matter on how I take things right :D

  6. kmk mok join yg number 9 yaaaaa.. hehe

  7. a long long long long long list... *tertidur*

    1. Aduhh. Wake up! Dont sleep in my blog weii :P

  8. get driver lesen vee? lesen kapal terbang or lorikah? he..he..
    wish all the best :P