March 12, 2014

[30DBC] Day #3: Your Day In Detail

Knock knock, anyone in? :) Good evening, fellas :D

My day in detail.. I am not clear about this, but I'll just do it by how I think it should be lahh k. Haha. 
Tidak. Ada. Kaitan. Kot?
So, as a kindy teacher, of course I go to kindy everyday. About 6++ am, I'll be out of my house and would reach the place about 15 minutes later. Punch in, then off to my own center. In the center, I'd prepare all the things needed like pencils, rulers, erasers and books according to subjects of the day.

Then about 8:35am, our morning session starts. Apa yang I buat dalam class tak perlu kott nak detail sangat. Tak ada sangat pun. Nak buat apa lagi, selain mengajar. Ye dok? Hohoho. Afternoon, usually lunch around 1pm after girls mandi. Itu pun by 1:20 pm sometimes dah habis makan because by 1:30pm, kids tidur..

When kids tidur, people often thinks that we can goyang kaki kejap but the truth is nope! Actually when they're asleep, that is our only chance to complete our works without disturbance. That is when you can cut things around with scissors/penknives. Teachers in this kindy are not allowed to use sharp utensils in class because bahayalah, apa lagi. Their actions are unpredictable. One moment, they're sitting quietly. Next moment, they're somewhere at the other side of the world. Imagine bila potong-potong, chuupp, datang kat kita. Oh noes.

Most of the time, tak sedar pun waktu berlalu. Tengok jam pukul 2pm then buat kerja. Tengok lagi, dah 3:15pm. Wake them up and tea break. In the evening, everything goes according to the timetable. Different day, different activities. Bubble play, playground, gardening, dancing, etc. 6pm baru punch out. Lepas ituuuu, home sweet home.

Sweet sangat, berlambak kerja nak disiapkan. Hehew :) Sometimes pukul 8pm dah terlentok depan laptop. Kalau tak memang buat kerja hingga subuh. Banyak kali dah tidur 45 minute je.. Hahaha.

Well, that's roughly about my day. In detail. Detail kan, so detail lahh. Hikhokk.. Thanks for reading. x


  1. woah, wht type of kindy is that u're teaching vee? it's until 6?

  2. Your kindergarten ni macam nursery ke?

  3. assalamualaikum
    selamat pagi
    singgah pagi