March 11, 2014

[30DBC] Day #2: Sumthin Dat U Look 4ward 2 in Next 12 Months

Annyeonhaseyo. Salam sejahtera :D

Aiyai.. Title entry yang quite rojak, dengan short spellings sebegitu rupa. Hahaha. I did that because I thought the title is a little too long so I shortened it by using internet spellings. Lols.. Ampunkan saya ^_^
Google's Image
So, what am I looking forward to in the next 12 months? Oh well, it says SOMETHING, not THINGS so I assume it means 1 thing. Just one thing :P If that's the case, I'll just list out 1 thing. Not a major thing but something I could share here because it's related to blog :)

In the next 12 months, I just want to see a big change in blog. Big change as in achieving my blog resolutions, and that is to have my own domain, a specific amount of followers, and few ads lingering around here. Besides, I want to have my own blog shirt ;)

Oh oh, one more thing to look forward in, it is a HUGE change in my family ;) Life has been a little jumbled up now but I am sure, things are not so good now for a better and great things ahead of us. Ameennn :)

So yeap, that's it for that 'something'. Thanks for reading. Till then, adioz ;)


  1. sesuatu yang diharapkan semoga ianya beroleh kejayaan terutamanya dalam kehidupan Vee dan juga blog tercinta.

  2. May your wishes come true :)

  3. <3333

    me too! I would love to have my own domain and blog shirt weee~~~ <3

  4. tajuk rojak pun ok techer vee..janji saya pham :P

  5. me too..i have been longing to see changes in my template n new domain..huhu.

  6. polah baju blog dirik mpun? wasehhh.. best jak bunyi. hehe