March 10, 2014

[30DBC] Day #1: Basic Things About Yourself

     Three-o Dee Bee See - that's how I read 30DBC. 30DBC stands for 30 days blog challenge, which I joined for fun and also to keep up the consistency of blog updates here :) By the way, hi and hello there!

Basic things about me, eh..
Power of hairdryer, yaw!
     Well, I'm just me. My name is Vee, born and raised in the heart of Borneo. The Land of Hornbils to be exact, and the Cat City to be even more exact :P I am the youngest child in my family consisting of 5. Currently working in a kindergarten as a teacher and planning to pursue my studies by this year..

    I've a huge passion in dancing and dancing has been a part of my free-time 'job' for the past 9 years. Bukan, saya bukan otai but it's just a length. Haha. Nda ada kaitan. Lagi? Well, umur itu biar Tuhan saja yang taulah k. Hahaha. Kurang 30, lebih 10. Gitu :P

     Apa lagi? Oh. I love kids :D And I love speaking on stage, I love teaching others. Inspiring others is one of it too. Dan, I'm a reporter wannabe because I like it when I melaporkan kejadian. Entah hape, but I'm enjoying it :D Lagi, I hate snakes. I hate them sooooooooo much! Don't question me why. Haha.

     I guess that's it. I've no idea what else to say but umm, anything else you want to know, just ask me up. Yang boleh diberitahu, akan diberitahu. Yang tidak, kirim salam sayang cinta love love saja k. Hihihi :)

     Have a nice day!! #deeperinlove


  1. smart la gambar, ada efek rambut terbang2 lagi.. hehe..
    umur kita sama, kurang 30 & lebih 10,, hahaha..

  2. wow.. go girl from The Land of Hornbils to be exact, and the Cat City

    btw vee..dulu part time menari apa ya? kebudayaan ke or hip hop :)

    1. Nonono kebudayaan. Hahah. More to modern. Modern ni kira mix almost everything. Whatever that's in ur mind, itulah dia. Kekekeke..

  3. hehss..kelass gambar..haha...ade effect angin tuh.. :)

  4. Ahahahaah seriously kak veee did u just used hair dryer hehehehehe.
    u r so funny ehehehhe :D
    Awwh sadly it is too basic ;p
    would love to know more about u hihihihi

  5. love kids? can see that.. u look so jovial :D

  6. anak bongsu rupanya adik kiter ni

  7. kak sally dah umur 12 tahun...huhuhu

  8. hi...lamak dah sik view blog ktk...:)