February 27, 2014

Tr.V's Highlight: No,I don't use pampers..

Annyeonghaseyo :D Another long hard day in kindy with kids yang ada banyak ragam. Like, seriously memang banyak! But a little conversation with one of my student today really got me crazy.. ~_~

I wanted to know his religion, and I supposed dia confirm tak faham if I guna nama religions like 'Christian', 'Buddhist' or anything else. I'm quite curious dan tak mudah nak detect because he's a Chinese. Lainlah kalau Muslim, we can detect through their names kan.. So I asked him in a different way.

Me: Do you go to church?
Him: Hmm..? No..
Me: Temple?
Him: No.. I don't use pampers..
Me: ............... *facepalm*

Terdiam tak terkata. Hahahahaha.. 
Google's Image - Laughing panda -
Nak gelak pun tak jadi cos tengok muka innocent sangat. Hahahah.. But at the end of the day, gelak jugak. Haha! A very unexpected answer. Hahahahaha..

Moral of the story is, we all need a high level of patience when it comes to dealing with kids because they hardly understand what you are saying. And in order to have a long conversation with them, learn their language and simply be them. Not to say that you have to run around the house but just be one of them.. Gitteewww.. ;)

Oteii, chenk chiuk for weading.. (Okay, thank you for reading). Have a blessed night :D  

# Time to complete up all the unsettled task. Meow..


  1. ape kaitan dgn pampers dlm ini cerita?? hahaha

  2. that awkward moment when you seriously need to laugh but then have to tahan haahaha...lucu budak2 ni..

  3. ha..ha.. tanya pasai agama apa?
    last jawap pasai pampes..ha..ha.. budak2 kecil sangat best..lain tanya lain jawap :) so cute

  4. misscomunication biak ya..haha..tedah..comel jak..